Bruce Jenner Lawyers Up D.A. Will Review Fatal Crash


Bruce Jenner has lawyered up in the wake of
Saturday’s fatal car crash, in an investigation that will
make its way to the L.A. County District Attorney’s
Office … TMZ has learned. Bruce was leaving the West
Hollywood law offices of Blair Berk, a top criminal
defense lawyer who has repped an untold number of
celebs. We’ve learned once the L.A. County Sheriff’s
Dept. finishes its investigation, they will send the case
to the L.A. County D.A. for review. A law enforcement
source says it’s SOP to refer such a case to
prosecutors when a driver breaks the law and someone
dies. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they now
believe Bruce was not texting and driving. But cops
think Bruce was following too closely which is a traffic
violation, and such a violation that results in the death
of another motorist could theoretically be grounds for
misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. We found a
Northern California case in which a driver who was
following too closely was prosecuted for vehicular
manslaughter, so it is possible. An official from a L.A.
prosecutor’s office tells TMZ … it’s “very rare” to
charge a driver with vehicular manslaughter when the
traffic offense is following too closely.


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