Nicki Minaj I Didn’t Block Birdman … Staying Neutral in Lil Wayne Beef


Nicki Minaj did NOT diss her boss Birdman by taking
sides in his battle with Lil Wayne — TMZ has learned
the Cash Money CEO’s denial from her pre-
Grammy party was just a case of bad timing. Sources
close to Minaj tell us … Birdman was only denied from
1OAK nightclub because the mogul’s posse was looking
to order bottle service, and the club was closing in 15
minutes. On top of that, we’re told Nicki had already
left and the houselights were on in the club. Sources
tell us Nicki — as well as Drake — have made a point to
stay out of the ongoing legal beef between Weezy and
Baby … even though Wayne says he’s taking them with
him when he leaves Cash Money. We’re told Nicki and
Drake are hoping their bosses can squash this before it
gets too messy — though that ship seems to have
sailed long ago.


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