3 Style Slimming Tips for Plus Size Women


Though the world is slowing adjusting to the fact that
not all women are slim, hence, the term, plus size
women, women are still not sure of what to do their
bodies. All hope is not lost as we have 3 stylish
slimming tips on how to look fabulous and sexy.

A lot of big women are clueless when it comes to
dressing stylishly because they are bothered by their
body image.
Most just throw on bulky clothes which only make
them bigger than they actually are.
Here are 3 tips on how to look stylish and fashionable
regardless of what you weigh.
1. Horizontal Stripes : The key is to find the right
width. Thicker lines are best for plus size
women,because they are proportional with bigger
figures. Look for ones that are around two inches
wide (very thin, close-set stripes have an enlarging
2. Well Tailored and Fitted Clothes: It is especially
important for plus size women to wear fitted clothes
and ensure that their clothes are properly tailored to
their bodies. Note that i said fitted not clingy,clingy
draws attention to the wrong areas while fitted gets
the right attention to the right places.
3. Big Hair: Our hair is an accessory to our outfits and
in this case,if its big like bohemian curls or an
afro,it works just fine for plus size women as it
takes the attention away from the body.
Let me know if these tips are helpful.


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