Meek Mill It’s Just a Little Crack … I Didn’t Trash Glass House


Meek Mill’s Grammy party guests didn’t trash Justin
Bieber’s famous glass palace — they merely left a few
cracks, according to Mill’s attorney … but there’s still a
war brewing over his $10K deposit. Mill’s attorney,
Richard Joseph, denies leaving the mansion — formerly
rented by Bieber — in shambles following the epic bash
on Sunday night. He says there was a minor window
crack, and a few scuffs on the walls … but nothing that
would qualify as “trashing.” Sources with direct
knowledge of the lease for the house tell a much
different story. TMZ obtained photos that appear to
back up claims the place looked like a war zone, with
damage including: – a kicked in door with shattered
windows – dead landscaping – broken glass in the pool –
destroyed furniture and cigarette smoke damage
Joseph claims those damages were never mentioned to
him, and no one raised the possibility of holding his
deposit. He also points out … his name is on the lease,
NOT Meek’s. Our sources say, the leasing company is
still totaling up the damage, and they intend to seek


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