Lynxxx “I started growing beards because I got tired of shaving all the time”


The Syndik8 records boss reveals what led him to his
journey as a card carrying bear gang member.

Jollof music proponent and de factor president of the
beard gang, Lynxxx has revealed that he infact started
to keep his beards because he got tired of shaving so
In a recent chat with Pulse TV Live’s Missy Molu » ,
the “My Place” artiste revealed that he had to shave at
least every 2 days on account of how fast his beard
grew and he eventually got tired of this and grew a
“Constantly shaving meant I’d get darker and more
bumps so I just decided to leave my beards to grow.
So it wasn’t really intentional or a fashion movement.
But now I can’t shave my beards anymore else all I’ll
lose all my gyal dem” he joked.
So ladies, what do you think? Would you prefer Lynxxx
with or without the beard? Hit the comment section
below and share your thoughts with us.


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