Beauty Tip Six benefits and uses of Papaya for the skin


People are always looking for miracle drugs and beauty
products in order to have glowing skin, overlooking
natural skin care products available all around us,
check out the mind blowing ways Papaya can be used
for our skin.

Papaya, commonly known as paw paw, is available
throughout the year, and has a delicious sweet taste
with a soft butter like texture.
It is very beneficial for the skin as it is rich in fiber and
contains antioxidants.
Below are the benefits and uses of Papaya.
1. It acts as a natural skin exfoliator: Instead of
spending thousands of Naira on artificial products,
save up and use Papaya.
2. It helps in removing skin discoloration.
3. The skin can used in whitening the skin meaning
natural bleaching agent.
4. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated.
5. The application of finely grounded paste of raw
papaya on the face for 25 minutes helps reduce
those unwanted pimples and other embarrassing
blemishes on the face.
6. Last but least,direct application and eating will help
you achieve smooth, supple and soft skin.
Ladies, there you have it, conserve your money and buy
cheap, inexpensive Papaya for glowing skin.


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