Couples Only 7 tips to boost your sex drive naturally


However, unless your testosterone levels are in the
abnormally low range, you can’t get a prescription for
the drugs that might boost it.

Due to several unhealthy factors in our environment
over the past three or four decades, a lot of men
having been experiencing low testosterone levels.
Testosterone, as you may already know, is the hormone
responsible for making you ‘manly’. It is that in-built
chemical that boosts a man’s sex drive.
When it’s low, it reduces your libido, gives you erection
difficulty, fatigue, weight gain and even depression.
However, unless your testosterone levels are in the
abnormally low range, you can’t get a prescription for
the drugs that might boost it.
So how do you boost your sex drive naturally without
spending money on medications? Read on to find out.
1. Reduce stress: When you’re under a lot of stress,
your body starts to release the hormone cortisol.
This “stress hormone” blocks testosterone form
working in your body. If you’re having trouble with
low libido, of course, you just might not be in the
mood for sex. There are some great natural herbs
that are proven to help jump start your sex drive.
2. Limit or eliminate sugar from your diet: Your
testosterone levels go down after you eat sugar,
because sugar raises your insulin level and that is a
big factor in low testosterone (If you suffer form
diabetes, you’re very likely to have lower
testosterone levels as well). So you not only have
to cut out most sweets or sugary sodas, but also
make sure you check the amount of sugar in your
loaf of bread, too. Lots of processed foods these
days come loaded with tons of extra sugar, which is
exactly why you should try to eat only whole,
organic foods whenever possible. Also, cutting out
sugar is one way to help you lose weight. As you
get slimmer and fitter, you’re going to start feeling
sexier and more confident and you’ll also notice
your erections getting stronger too.
3. Eat healthy fats: There are different types of fats,
and the ones you want to avoid are called Trans
fats, which are found in lots of processed foods like
doughnuts, microwave popcorn, potato chips, and
candy bars. They are capable of raising your bad
cholesterol levels. The ones you should eat are
mono- and polyunsaturated fats. Good sources of
these are avocados and nuts.
4. Stop using plastic water bottles: Water bottles and
other common plastics contain a chemical called
BPA, which is basically a form of estrogen. It can
leach into your water or food, and when it’s in your
body, can raise your estrogen levels and lower your
testosterone. So you have to avoid anything that
contains BPAs. Also, avoid microwaving things in
plastic containers. This causes your food to soak up
a lot of the BPAs.
5. Consume lots of Zinc: This mineral is extremely
important for testosterone production, and research
has shown that restricting dietary sources of zinc
can significantly decrease your “T” levels. Taking a
zinc supplement can help, but even better is eating
foods naturally rich in this mineral, such as raw
milk, beans and yogurt.
6. Get more sun: Vitamin D (which you absorb through
your skin from sunlight) is a steroid hormone, and
getting more of it can help increase your
testosterone levels. It can also help raise your
sperm count and even make for thicker loads.
However, sunscreen can actually block Vitamin D
from absorbing into your body. To avoid skin
damage from the sun, be careful and don’t overdo it
7. Lose weight: Overweight men are much more likely
to have low testosterone levels to begin with.
Simply shedding excess pounds is proven to be one
of the bes ways to get your testosterone levels
shooting back up.


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