Iggy Azalea Dr’s Heart to Heart with Singer She Says She’s Married


Iggy Azalea took her ex to a medical clinic when they
were still together and told the doctor he was her
husband — so claims the doctor — and now the ex is
using that representation to get at her fortune. Hefe
Wine — aka Maurice Williams — filed a declaration from
a doctor in their “divorce” in which the doc says in 2008
he saw Iggy and Hefe in his clinic and says they left an
impression on him because “she was a white Australian
female and he was a taller black man.” The doctor
also says Iggy introduced Hefe as her husband. It’s
significant because Iggy and Hefe were together from
2008 until last year, and under Texas law a man and a
woman who live together for any length of time are
considered legally married if they agree to be married
and hold themselves out as husband and wife. The
consequences are significant … Hefe wants a piece —
presumably half — of all of the songs she wrote while
they were together. While they are still fighting in court,
Hefe isn’t allowed to release any of her old music.


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