NICKI MINAJ: I Am Still Very Much Single, Meek Mill and I Are Just Friends


If you have been following Hip Hop gossip for a
while, you would have noticed a lot have been
said about Nicki and Philadephia’s rapper Meek
Mill .
Nicki Minaj has been seen with Meek Mill a lot
lately and there is some speculation that the
rappers are dating. However, in a recent interview
with a popular magazine in the US, The Young
Money rapper says she is still very much single.
She expresses surprise at people’s reactions to
her relationship with the MMG
“This is what I want to say about him: People
think for some strange reason that we just
started becoming friends recently,” she says.
“We’ve been friends for a very, very long time, and
he’s been around for a lot of things that I’ve gone
Minaj also addresses the consequences of
her hard work. She says she is planning on taking
time for herself before she begins The Pinkprint
Tour in March.
“I did get exhausted last year,I promised myself
that when I put out Pinkprint, I would take some
time to live my life and not care what other
people said about me. I find that people feel like
they know what I’ve gone through in the past two
years, and they don’t. I’ve seen so much
judgment. If people knew what I’ve really gone
through, they’d think I was Mother Teresa, I’ve
taken so much shit, so much betrayal, and I still
remain classy about it.”
I guess Meek Mill can stop famzing Nicki Minaj
now because all his tweets and uploads on IG has
been directly or indirectly related to Nicki Minaj.
Nigga is still deep in the friendzone
-Joseph Abalokwu


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