Jay Z Sued — I’m Your Son, Just Admit It … Says Wannabe Rapper


Jay Z had a love child 21 years ago and is now
blocking the guy’s efforts to prove he’s the son of the
rap mogul … according to legal docs. The guy’s name
is Rymir Satterthwaite and he claims his mother
hooked up with Jay back in the early ’90s — before he
was world famous, and long before Beyonce was in the
picture. Rymir and Lillie Coley — who calls herself his
legal guardian — say in a civil suit … Jay Z submitted
fraudulent information to the court … to intentionally
torpedo Rymir’s paternity claim. It’s unclear what that
fraudulent info is — but there are reports that Jay is
refusing to take a paternity test. Rymir happens to be
an aspiring rapper … who’s posted vids of himself
rhyming. The civil lawsuit was handwritten by Coley …
who claims Jay’s actions have caused Rymir financial
and emotional damage. We’ve reached out to Jay Z’s
attorney, but so far no word back.


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