Did You Know That Sharing House Chores With Your Wife Increases Sexual Satisfaction?


A study has revealed that husbands who do
chores such as cooking, washing the dishes,
doing the laundry or other traditionally female
forms of housework, instead of sticking to ‘manly
chores’ like cutting the hedge and mowing the
lawn, have better sex life and more satisfaction in
the bedroom.
Beyond the better sex, the study shows that
couples who split housework fairly are the
happiest between the sheets; they are most
satisfied with their sex lives and express the
highest level if sexual intimacy and satisfaction.
In other words, dish soap makes a great lubricant.
Women are generally drawn to men who help
around the house and feels more respected in a
relationship where chores are done by both
partners and when a woman feels more
respected, she gives more of herself to her mate
and the relationship prospers.
As it is also well known that women often use sex
as a reward especially for partners who perform
chores, isn’t that enough reason to do some dish


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