Man organises party for men with small penis to encourage them


The party would be the coming together with men with
small penis to support and encourage one another

A group of men in England, who are of slightly smaller
stature in one area than the average guy, are planning
to hold a party to support one another on their small,
but important issue.
The ‘Big Small Penis’ party is being organized by 48-
year-old Antony Smith , who encourages other men to
talk about and become more accepting of their
“I think it’s really important to maintain a balanced
sense of fun. That’s why I’m creating a celebratory
party,” he told the UK Independent » . “I’ve got various
thoughts on what is a good and what is a bad small
penis joke. And I do think humor is a great healer. So
I’ll just say ‘keep laughing.”
Smith, who says his fully erect size is about 4 inches,
has been open about his struggle for the past few years
and even released a comedy poem about his situation
called ‘Shorty’.
“If 6-inch as an average can truly be believed. Someone
here in this room is twice the size of me,” he says. “If
you can do your algebra, already you will know. Four
inches is the maximum my d–k will ever go .”
It was finally speaking about his perceived problem to
others that finally helped him feel better about it, he
“My life is so much easier now that this issue is in the
open,” he said. “For me one brave step, one very small
brave step can change completely the shape of your
Male guests will pay a little less than a dollar per inch
of their manhood to attend the party, which is also
open to women.
The average length for men is about 4.7 inches to 6.3
inches, according to a study in Medical News Today.
But many men may feel insecure when they see
pictures on the Internet of much larger sizes or hear
boasts from friends.
“You very often read that 5-7 inches is average and
that’s such a broad range. People walk away thinking
that 7 inches is average,” Smith told the website.
“It isn’t. I wrote the poem in the first place partly
inspired by the fact that one of my friends also told me
that they suffered anxiety. They were 6 inches. There’s
absolutely no reason for them to (suffer anxiety). A lot
of what I’m doing is talking to the average man and
saying it’s perfectly fine .”
Smith has been married for 17 years and told the outlet
the love of his supportive wife helped him become
comfortable with his body.
“Women tend to say things they think will make a guy
feel better, ‘It’s not small it’s big,’ or they’ll just say,
‘It’s fine, don’t worry,’ but the guy will think, ‘I know
it’s not fine, I know it isn’t big,'” Smith said. “I think
openness and honesty is the No. 1 thing, if a woman
sees a guy who is under-average she should say, ‘Yes,
it is under average but that’s not what is important to


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