Uzikwendu “Waje gives me hell”

We may admire Waje’s well-toned body, but it doesn’t
come without a fair share of tantrums!


We love Waje for her beautiful voice and more recently
her toned body. But none of this comes without its fair
share of hard work, sacrifice and tantrums – that is
according to celebrity fitness trainer, Uzikwendu » .
According to Uzi who works closely with Waje during
her work out sessions, the ‘Onye’ » singer can be
quite the hell raiser sometimes;
“Waje sometimes comes into the gym and she’ll be like
‘I don’t want to talk to anybody, I just want to do my
work out and go home’. Then when she’s done, I could
ask her to do 10 more sit-ups and she’ll just flatly
According to Uzi, she can get really stubborn about not
doing anything those times.
“But she’s really strong and a fast learner” he


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