Politicians Now Forcing People To Swear In Coffins -Governor Amosu Alleges


Monday alleged the influx of ritualists in the state
politics with the elections fast approaching.
He stated this during his meeting with various
associations and professional bodies in the state,
which took place at the June 12 Cultural Centre,
The g​overnor accused one of the opposition parties,
which he did not mention, as responsible for the acts.
He said one of the stock in trade was forcing
electorates and party members to take oaths inside a
Mr. Amosun, who just returned from London, having
accompanied the Presidential Candidate of All
Progressives Congress, Muhammed Buhari, there,
drove straight from the airport to the venue of the​
He cautioned residents and electorates to be wary of
the ritualists. He said he was baffled that some
politicians could descend so low to engage in rituals
in the name of power seeking
“I can tell you that the era of rituals is back in our
state. Ritualists have started again, all in the name of
election. They take oath inside the coffin. For those
who engaged in such in the last administration, where
are they today,” Mr. Amosun said.
The governor encouraged his supporters to rely on
God, and shun any attempt to be deceived into rituals.
“For me, I will continue to approach God for my needs,”
he said.
The governor cursed those behind the rituals, calling
on God to dismantle their evil plans, which he pointed
out, are meant to draw back the state from


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