Tonto Dikeh Controversy trails actress as wedding photos of her boyfriend come out

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh in yet another scandal
as her boyfriend is reported to be a married man.


Yesterday February 23, 2015 Tonto Dikeh finally
revealed » the face of the man who she calls ‘Mr X’ ,
her new boyfriend after breaking things off with ex-
boyfriend Malivelihood » . However reports have it
that he is a married man » .
The scandal escalated when photos of Mr X whose real
name is Kunle Oladunni and his wife Bimbo Coker on
their wedding day in December 2012 at Sango Otta
surfaced. An anonymous person took to Instagram to
reveal that Tonto Dikeh’s boyfriend who is fond of
showering her with expensive gifts » is in fact married
with children.
For months Tonto Dikeh » had been posting photos of
a man who she was clearly in a romantic relationship
with on her Instagram page and never showed his face.
He is popularly known as Mr X A.K.A Churchill.
An according to the anonymous whistle blower Tonto
Dikeh is dating another woman’s husband saying :
“Tori tori… Hmmm this small pikin just find my trouble
This sunday evening.. I don dey look you since but as I
see say your mouth too sharp, na to dey curse other
people you know. Today your own don come!! How
about we talk about your Ugly looking retarded Boo?
Keep calm let me educate your stupid ASS!!! I got too
many details to let out but hey, na one after the other..
No rush. CHURCHILL as the whole Ghana to Lagos
girls know him is a great womanizer! You fool no get
sense to follow better person, you dey dere dey do
MRX.. we know say he marry one girl wey her name
start with B, TONTO!!! TONTO!! TONTO how many times
I call you?? Wetin be your problem??? You go dey
accuse TOYIN say she steal your Man but you na
Greatest HUSBAND SNATCHER!! Leave the poor Girl’s
husband Alone! You No dey tire?? Have u ever sat
down to think of how shameless your life is? You got
pregnant and wasn’t even upto 4months u lost it!! Your
ritualist Boo don chop am!! I sorry for you You such a
JOKER Bitch!! You curse people out like you own their
lives.. Remind me of what you do for a living again?
Movie you no dey act Churchill is not the type of man
you can flaunt!!! That nigga is only using your Fame to
Fuck other girls.. Okay let’s be real, if e sure for u, post
him picture make my elders see am.. If your yansh no
go open to the whole world.. See ehen.. If e sure for u,
try guess who I be you go grow grey hair.. Make I even
give u hint sef, I see u for Lagos yesterday and I come
ghana con fuck Churchill aka (MRX ) dis morning”.


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