10 Signs To Know If Your Spouse Is Cheating


Are you in a wearisome relationship like i am and
suspecting your “bae” is cheating?. If you are
currently thinking of changing your name and
setting up a fake Facebook/twitter profile in an
attempt to befriend your spouse and reveal their
deceitful ways, might I suggest that considering
the following ways that could save you a lot of
time and energy.
The 10 tell-tale signs of a cheat include;
1. He starts waxing his balls
Your spouse will start buying new clothes,
wearing aftershave and bothering with fresh
underwear everyday. They begin to care too much
about their appearance.
2. He glazes over
Whenever you try to engage in conversation the
culprit stares aimlessly off into the distance either
avoiding engagement in any conversation with
3. He is an angel
Your spouse begins to surprise you with flowers,
increased attention and cups of tea in the
He probably had sex last night, and it wasn’t with
4. He is an asshole
If he is not an angel than he is an asshole. His
infidelity could turn him the other way. Being
suddenly emotionally unavailable, over defensive
and snappy is another tell-tale sign of cheating .
5. He is harder to get hold of than Mohammed
If you partner’s phone constantly goes away to
answer his phone and he suddenly seems to have
less time to reply to your texts it is not looking
good. If He takes his phone to the toilet, delete
his text / call history, changes his pin number and
always has his mobile on
silent. He is cheating .
A quick tip – if a man has time to go to the
bathroom he has time to text. Busy at work?
Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, girlfriend.
6. Less sex
If your spouse is giving you less attention or not
getting turned on by your passes, it is a quick
sign somebody out there is doing it better.
7. He wants to get drunk
Affairs will initially ignite the devil-may- care side
of a human’s personality. His ego will go off the
scale now he’s bonking you both and he’s high on
the cheating drug.
9. He suddenly loves random stuffs
Oh Did you know cats are lovely animals? He will
unconsciously ask. It obviously means his partner
in crime has a cat.
10. Work weekends
If starts working at awkward times that’s a bad
sign. Going for a business meeting in Dubai on
February 14th. That’s bad!
But confidently I can say without any doubt if you
find a naked woman in your bed when you get
home from work early. HE IS CHEATING
-Joseph Abalokwu


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