SKALES: Wizkid Was Never My Friend


Skales called Wizkid out on Twitter for not
supporting his music on February 23, 2015,
Wizkid didn’t find this likely as replied his ex-label
mate with insulting words which led both artistes
to blast each-other on twitter.
In a recent interview with NET, Skales opened up
on his relationship with Wizkid .
Read excerpts from the interview below:
Reports have it that Wizkid and Skales were at an
event together before dissing each other.
On what happened after the two met at an event
“The truth is, we were not really together, we were
just at the same venue at the same event that’s
all, and really, whatever needs to be said now has
already been said on twitter so you can pick
everything there, right now I’ve put the whole
episode behind me. I just want people to focus
more on my music, it’s life human beings must
always fallout.”
On the kind of relationship he have with Wizkid
“We were just there, we were cool. For me it was
just about making music, that’s what brought us
together in the first place, it’s not like we are
from the same family, so let’s just focus on the
music which was what I did, if I had something
on my mind I always say it out.”
On when they fall out
“We never really fell out, the relationship we had
has always been about music, it’s not like we are
brothers, we are not from the same family like I
said, it was just business and music, so we were
cool, and even till now we are still cool, I have no
bad blood against him, I just want to face my
music right now, I’m about to drop my album and
that’s all that matters to me right now”
On how long he has been getting Wizzy to work
with him
“For as long as every other person has been
trying I guess (laughs), we know that he’s a busy
person and I’m a busy person too, I’m doing my
own thing too. The truth is, I really don’t want to
talk about it”
On if he will be working with Wizkid
“I don’t know, fingers crossed”


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