Femi Fani-Kayode APC planning to expose private lives of Jonathan, Alison-Madueke, PDP spokesperson says


Fani-Kayode said that the APC is planning to reveal the
intimate secrets via a documentary sponsored by its

The spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party
(PDP) campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode has
accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of plotting
to expose details about the private lives of President
Goodluck Jonathan , First Lady, Patience Jonathan and
Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke .
Fani-Kayode said that the APC is planning to reveal the
intimate secrets via a documentary sponsored by its
The PDP spokesperson made the allegations via a
statement released today, March 11.
The statement reads:
“We invited you here today to intimate the Nigerian
people, through your esteemed media organisations,
about a despicable and wicked agenda that is being
orchestrated by the opposition to scandalise, undermine
and bring into disrepute our candidate, President
Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR), his wife, the First Lady of
Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan, our Minister of
Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Allison Maduekwe
and other key government functionaries and members
of his administration.”
“The special operations and intelligence wing of my
Directorate has been reliably informed that the
opposition is planning to air a documentary about the
private lives of President Jonathan, the First Lady and
the Minister of Petroleum Resources.”
“The documentary is riddled with falsehood and it is
vulgar, smutty, cheap, shameful and salacious. This
initiative is being spearheaded by the entire leadership
of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and is being
funded and organised by two serving governors and one
former governor who controls his state through his
hand-picked stooge.”
“Our response to this initiative is one of utter
repugnance. That the opposition has degenerated to
such a point that in response to legitimate questions
that were raised about the record in public office of
their Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu
Buhari and their de facto leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,
in two major and widely viewed documentaries, the only
recourse they have, rather than answering the questions
put in those documentaries, is to try to humiliate,
shame and disgrace our presidential candidate by
making the most baseless and scandalous accusations
about his private life. The truth is that this shameful
course of action will not work and we shall not be
distracted. Neither will we lose any sleep over it.”
“We are, however, by this press conference, sending a
clear signal to the three APC leaders that are funding
and spearheading this initiative that it will not in any
way serve the interest of their party or the interest of
their Presidential candidate if they insist on treading
that path or toeing that deplorable line.”
“In the event of them insisting on treading this
dangerous and dishonorable course, we reserve the
right to respond fully and use all legitimate means to
expose the inherent evil that these three individuals
habitually and continuously manifest in both their
private lives and whilst in public office.”
“The truth is that they can say what they like about
President Goodluck Jonathan, his family members and
those close to him but one thing they cannot say is
that, unlike one of the three individuals that is behind
this disgraceful initiative, President Jonathan does not
show an unhealthy interest in the affairs of little boys
and he does not indulge in gross and perverse intimate
acts with them in his spare time in an obscene,
indecent, shameful and completely unacceptable
“They can say whatever they like about our candidate
but, unlike one of the three individuals that are behind
this reprehensible initiative, it is not President Goodluck
Jonathan that ended up eloping with and eventually
marrying the house girl of his former leader.”
“They can say whatever they like about President
Jonathan but it is not our President who drove his own
father into political oblivion, broke the poor man’s heart
and sent him to an early grave in pain, tears, defeat
and shame. Presidential Jonathan did not do any of
these things. It is those that have insisted on engaging
in this shameful and repugnant initiative that have done
these things.”
“They know who they are and, for now, we need not
mention their names. At the appropriate time, we shall
mention names and expose every aspect of the sordid
life styles of these individuals and at that time the
Nigerian people will judge for themselves.”
“The second issue we want to touch on today is the
shameful proposition that was made to General
Muhammadu Buhari by the representatives of a number
of western governments when he was in the United
Kingdom for a prolonged stay. He had appealed to
them for support and to get their endorsement. He had
talks with the representatives of at least four western
countries. The leaders of those countries made an
offer to General Muhammadu Buhari and we are reliably
informed that he has put the offer under consideration.”
“The proposition and offer was that if he was prepared
to support legislation in Nigeria to allow same sex
marriage and if he was prepared to repeal the anti-gay
laws in Nigeria they will, in return, endorse, support and
fund him, initially covertly and eventually publicly, at
the right time.”
“Instead of outrightly rejecting these offers and
spurning this proposition, to our utter shock and
consternation, General Buhari apparently refused to rule
it out and has put the matter under consideration.
Instead of him to say NO he assured them that he
would consider these two things. We believe that this is
a matter that ought to be brought to the attention of
the Nigerian people as a matter of urgency.”
“The APC are so desperate to ensuring that General
Buhari becomes the President of this country that they
are actually prepared to consider the scrapping of all
anti-gay or anti-homosexual legislations and at the
same time, endorsing and supporting fresh legislation
that would allow same sex marriage in our country.
They are considering this despite the fact that the
overwhelming majority of the Nigerian people find same
sex marriage and, indeed, homosexuality repugnant and
“We are using this occasion to challenge General Buhari
to come clean and to tell the Nigerian people whether
this is true and whether, in the unlikely event of his
being elected President, he is seriously considering
scrapping the anti-homosexual laws in our country and
pushing through new legislation which would allow
same sex marriage.”
“The third issue is as follows. We read, with
amusement, the threat by the Buhari’s Campaign
Organisation through their spokesperson, Mr Garba
Shehu, that it is their intention to drag the First Lady,
Dame Patience Jonathan, before the International
Criminal Court of Justice (ICC), for allegedly indulging
in what they described as ”hate speech” at a recent
rally in Rivers State.”
“Dame Patience Jonathan is a woman of peace. She did
not threaten anyone with violence; she did not incite
anyone to commit violence or to kill others and her
words have not resulted in death, mass murder or any
crimes against humanity. We therefore completely
reject the baseless charge and assertion that she has
called for the killing or slaughter of anyone at any point
in time.”
“Their threat to take the First Lady to the ICC is not
only absurd but it is also nothing but the empty and
boastful ranting of a perfidious, desperate, decaying
and dying political party and such threat will amount to
nothing. The truth is that if anybody is a candidate for
the ICC, it is certainly not Dame Patience Jonathan, but
rather General Muhammadu Buhari himself.”
“We say this because, firstly, he needs to answer
questions about his role in the July 29, 1966 coup and
the mass murder of about 300 Igbo army officers,
including a serving Head of State, that took place that
night. Secondly, there are questions to be answered
about his role during the pogrom and massacre in
northern Nigeria in 1966 in which no less than 100,000
innocent Igbo civilians, including women and children,
were slaughtered in cold blood by mobs that were
covertly armed and supported by a small handful of
junior army officers.”
Fani-Kayode also condemned the APC for mocking a
recent picture which showed Jonathan kneeling before
some traditional rulers in Osun State.


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