How to make a guy very horny enough to beg for sex


Guys love mystery;they are gingered when they are
carrying out tasks.Every man is wired to crave for
something he can’t easily have.

Men love conquering. They appreciate the chase. When
a man gets something easily he does not see the need
to value it. Infact, if it comes easily, his sense of worth
and achievement is not boosted. His morale is not
Men love women that give them challenging tasks
before dating them. If you are just flinging it on him
anytime he wants, you are not getting it right my dear.
The idea is not make him drool for it, to make him
stare. Get him aroused and just give him a tender kiss,
with a soft voice saying “not today baby” and he’ll be
your PUPPY FOR LIFE, not CHELSEA anymore lol!
The idea is to draw attention to your sexuality, without
being cheap or appearing to be “free chops.”
1. Be serious: My dear, woju oh! This is serious
business. Getting a guy to a state where he is so horny
that he is begging for sex is not beans oh! Guys have a
lot on their minds; the picture of the next girl he
admires is stuck in his head, lots of stuff. So, don’t
laugh when you are carrying out this crucial mission.
That does not mean you should become serious like a
Miss Rambo. Smiling more subtly is better than
laughing loud when you are on this matter. In fact, it is
a very long thing.
2. Play ignorant: Guys love mystery; they are gingered
when they are carrying out tasks. The man was wired
to crave for something he can’t easily have. So when
working him up, do not make it look obvious that your
intention is to make him horny. That will give you up as
cheap and he might just sleep with you and you will
become another plus on his score board. Baby girl, talk
to him normally, let go of any tension and flow. You
are a lady, my dear; this thing comes naturally installed
in you. Just flow.
3. Set the mood, create the aura: For your mission “to
lay egg”, you have got to create an inviting and
appealing environment. Get him to a quiet place and if
possible, play soft music. You can seat close to him
and let him feel your warmth. Pretend to fidget with
your phone and ask him to help sort out the issue,
while leaning gently to him. Not in a desperado way oh!
4. The voice: My dear, this is the time you wish you
had a voice like the twitter bird. Let your voice damage
his sense if reasoning. Use your soft, sensual tone to
create pictures and play with his mind. I do not mean
talk dirty. You could use indirect suggestive words
though, but use a sensual tone that is natural. Please
do not try to do it like the girls in the movies oh!. Guys
get irritated by that.
5. Steal shy glances: Every guy loves a shy girl. That
naïve aura they send out makes the guy want to go in
for the kill. Here is how to use it to your advantage.
Look at him in a shy way and smile. Do that in
intervals thrice, and he is revving to help you “cure your
6. Show off little: Use pictures to tell your story. I
mean show him some cleavage subtly.
7. Share joke: Remember I said no laughing. You are
not in a comedy show. But you can share subtle dirty
sexual jokes and thoughts. Get him to share with you
too. Talk dirty, with a kind of secondary school girl
appeal. Ask him dirty intimate questions like; where do
you think I like being touched? If I was a light bulb,
where would you press to turn me on? He will wet his
pants. I tell you.
8. Touch him: Gently pretend to clean something from
his face or lips while looking into his eyes subtly. My
dear you have tied him and handed the key to him. He
will beg to be released from your bond.
Have a great time expressing your sexuality and power


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