Drake Torpedoes Own Movie … But There’s Proof He Signed Off On It!!


Drake may claim he has nothing to do with his concert
film hitting theaters this week — but there’s a piece of
paper with his Aubrey Graham all over it that proves
otherwise … TMZ has learned. Sources connected with
production of “Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost
Footage” … tell us Drake signed off on producers
shooting a 2009 concert. We’ve seen the contract
which states he was paid $15k for the performance …
and if footage from the concert was used for any
future projects — like a movie — Drake would get 15%
of the profits. So, you’d think Drizzy’s all in … but
Monday morning he tweeted he has nothing to do with
the film, and he wanted his fans to know that. Not
exactly smart marketing when it hits theaters this
Thursday. Even stranger — the film is executive
produced by two of Drake’s biggest allies … Rap-A-Lot
Records honchos J. Prince and Jas Prince. So, why
would he take a shot at their project? A rep for Drake
says he only puts “out music and video/film that is of
the highest quality” … and he just wanted fans to know
he had nothing to do with actually producing this film.
Bottom line — sounds like Drake got a screener, and
ain’t happy with the final cut … even though he signed
off on appearing in it.



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