Nigeria Elections 2015 ‘APC planning to unleash violence on innocent citizens’, PDP alleges

The ruling party also accused the APC of making a
series of wild allegations in a bid to raise tensions in
the country.


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the
All Progressives Congress (APC) of planning to unleash
violence on innocent citizens during the upcoming
general elections.
The ruling party also accused the APC of making a
series of wild allegations in a bid to raise tensions in
the country.
The comments were made via a statement released on
Monday, March 16, by the PDP National Publicity
Secretary, Olisa Metuh.
The statement reads:
“Having been exposed in its hypocrisy, lies and empty
promises, the APC in obvious frustration is now
engaged in dangerous mind game using wild allegations
in a bid to cause panic, balkanize the nation and create
the way for a reign of anarchy in the country.”
“For the APC, it has become a matter of ‘if we can’t
have it, then let’s destroy it’. In the last couple of
weeks, this opposition party and its leaders have
engaged in dishing out dangerous false alarms in a bid
to discredit the electoral process, heighten tension,
create fear in the minds of the people and push the
polity to the brinks.”
“For instance, how else would one explain the false
alarm by the leader of the opposition, Asiwaju Bola
Tinubu on Thursday, March 12, 2015 alleging that there
were plots to assassinate him, a phantom claim which
was followed on Sunday, March 15 by the APC in a
statement that there were plans to kill their Presidential
flagbearer, General Muhammadu Buhari.”
“Also, on the same March 15, the APC in a yet another
statement falsely claimed that the Federal Government
paid N9 billion to ethnic militias to foment trouble,
before, during and after the general elections. This was
immediately followed by a release on Monday, March
16, in which the opposition, in their unrelenting effort to
further discredit the process, alleged that the Federal
Government has hired an Israeli expert, Gyora Berger to
sabotage card readers on election day.”
“In the same vein, on March 4, 2015, the APC released
a false alarm claiming that there were plots by the
Federal Government to frame its leaders and sensitive
INEC officials and manipulate the electoral process.
This is in addition to another statement on March 9 in
which it alleged of plots to harass its financiers and
cripple its operations ahead of elections.”
“We are aware that the APC has lined up many of such
false allegations and nuisance alarms, which would be
methodologically released to the public to swell the
tension as the elections draw nearer.”
“APC’s history of lies has become legendary. Nigerians
may recall that this party in their penchant for deceit
had in June 2014 alleged that a plane carrying Kano
state Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso to attend a rally in
Ekiti to support Governor Kayode Fayemi’s re-election
bid was denied landing permission in Akure, only for
Kwankwaso’s Director of Press Affairs, Baba Dantiye to
announce that his boss was at another event in Kano
and had no plans to travel to Ekiti state.”
“It is indeed clear that the APC has no positive agenda
for Nigeria but on a mission to grab power at all cost,
failing which it has perfected plots to unleash mayhem
and destabilize the nation.”
“We therefore alert the entire nation, especially security
agencies, electoral officials and our members to be
vigilant as these allegations could indeed be a
subterfuge by the APC to cover a grand plot to unbridle
violence on innocent citizens.”
The PDP also urged its members to not allow
themselves be distracted by the antics of the APC


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