3 quick tips to get beautiful skin fast

It’s important to maintain the skin even its naturally
gorgeous, those with skin deep issues should also pay
attention to skincare; these 3 tips are fast and give


Everyone desires beautiful skin especially ladies and
while some may have naturally gorgeous skin, it’s still
important to maintain it and for those with skin deep
issues, attention should be paid to skincare.
These quick tips by 1966 Magazine are perfect and
work to maintain a beautiful skin:
1. It’s best to saturate skin with lotion or
creams right after a shower or bath while
skin is still slightly damp to lock in
2. Warming lotion for 5 seconds in the
microwave before applying, this soothes the
3. Once a week exfoliate the entire body with a
scrub in order to get rid of dead skin cells
that can cause skin to look dull. Removing
dead skin will help oils and lotion absorb better.



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