FFK says APC is planning to release a scandalous documentary against GEJ 3 days to election


In a statement released today, Femi Fani Kayode said
the APC has budgeted $2million to produce a
blockbuster documentary which he described as
baseless and full of lies to slander against president
Jonathan and his government. Read the statement
There are three issues that we wish to bring to
the attention of the Nigerian Public today, all
reflecting the sheer desperation of the All
Progressives Congress (APC) to get power.
One: It has been brought to our attention by
members of the covert and special operations
unitof this Directorate that certain unpatriotic
steps are being taken by the opposition in an
attempt to discredit not just the President, but
also his government and indeed our entire
country.In a statement he released today,
As we are addressing you,a scurrilous and utterly
baseless documentary and video has been
commissionedand compiled by them. It is titled
‘’Nigerians… What Is Going On’’. In the documentary the
opposition has listed some areas which they claim
reflect the corrupt nature of the Nigerian people, the
nature of the President and the nature of the
government that he is heading.
All manner of lies, deceit, fabrication, slander, falsehood
and misrepresentation of the basic facts are in
thedocumentary. The whole thing is simply an attempt
to denigrate the Nigerian people and bring is into
disrepute and opprobrium before the International
Two million dollars was budgeted for this irresponsible
and shameful project and the services of no less than
three specialists and well known international spin
doctors from two western countries were procured.
These specialists are now in Nigeria to put finishing
touches to their project. The whole idea is to perfect
the work and then release it to the international
television networks and the Nigerian public three days
before the elections. I will not go into detail about the
contents now but some of the subheadings are as
*$15 million US Private Jet Arms Scandal
*N5 trillion stolen under Jonathan
*N21 billion Pension funds embezzled
*N10 billion private jet scandal.
*N1.6 trillion oil subsidy scandal, and much more.
These are the obvious ones we can talk about here.
They have targeted the oil and gas sector in a
particularly brutal and shameless manner and they seek
to tarnish the name and image of Mr. President and
those that run that sector with sleaze, dirty lies,
disinformation and unsubstantiated allegations.
Every single heading that we have just listed, plus all
the others that we have refused to list here, are not
backed up with anything tangible and are devoid of
truth and substance. Their foundation are nothing but
lies, deceit, falsehood and malevolence and the whole
enterprise was put together simply to demonise the
individuals concerned, to demonisethe government, to
demonise Nigeria and to make the Nigerian people look
like a nation of hardened criminals.
The objective of the planned documentary is to incite
the people, to destabilise the country and to bring the
President into utter disrepute. In order to achieve, these
effectively consistent personal attacks will be launched
on key government officials.
This documentary, which we consider to be very
dangerous, is full of false and irresponsible postulations
about what is going on in this country and if it is
released in its present form it is capable of setting
Nigeria on fire.
We are letting the Nigerian people know about this in
good time in order to pre-empt it and we want the
opposition to be fully aware of the fact that we know
what they are doing, what they are planning, when they
were planning it and who is involved. We also know the
amount budgeted for this project, who is disbursing the
money and what their real intentions are.
We also want them to be fully aware of the fact that
even if General Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu,
Rotimi Amaechi or any of them are in their toilets, in
their bedrooms, in their covens or anywhere else they
may choose to hide and hold their secret meetings, we
know what they are doing.
This document was passed on to us by a loyal and
patriotic Nigerian who is working with them and who is
a key officer in one of their most sensitive and secret
cells and covert intelligence units.
This individual was so disgusted at the level of
fabrication and propaganda that they were indulging in
that he felt that it was important to share the
information with us. We commend the courage and
patriotism of this person and we assure him of his
safety. He made this vital information available to us
and we commend him greatly for it.
Finally we want to say that such an irresponsible
course will not achieve the objective for which it was
set. This government, this country and our dear
President will not be destabilised and distracted and
Nigeria will not be set on fire.
Again, gentlemen of the media, our attention had been
drawn to the existence of an illegal Radio station called
‘’APC RADIO’’ or ‘’RADIO CHANJI’’. This radio station
has been broadcasting falsehood, propaganda and
inciting comments periodically over the last few days
and since inception.
We seize this opportunity to call on the Nigerian
Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to set its house in
order while ensuring that its rules are followed. We call
on them to use all means available to stop this illegal
radio station from operating and if necessary to block
its illegal transmissions.
The person that is heading this operation is
Ambassador Yusuf Mamman, an APC leader and
stalwart who has much experience in the world of
special ops and disinformation and who has been given
millions of dollars to start this illegal radio station.
The objective of the radio station is to serve as a
propaganda tool to fight the government after they lose
the elections on March 28th. The brain behind the
operation is the former governor of Ekiti State, Kayode
Fayemi who equally founded Radio Kudirat during the
days of NADECO when the government of General Sani
Abacha was being fought by a number of people in
The opposition know that they would lose the election
and after this happens it is their intention to begin to
use this illegal Radio Station to incite Nigerians against
the government. They seek to create mayhem and
cause panic and create a toxic and bellicose
atmosphere in which their supporters will be
encouraged to slaughter and kill innocent Nigerians
whilstthe country burns.
They also intend to use the radio station to incite the
armed forces to mutiny. They intend to create a major
division and utter chaos within the Nigerian state, using
religion and ethnicity, and they will take that
opportunity to either call for full blown military
intervention or the establishment of an Interim National
It is through the auspices of this illegal Radio Station
that they intend to announce members of their planned
shadow and parallel government, to nominate their
ministers and to then create major crisis in our country.
The truth of the matter is that this will not work.
However it is important for the security agencies to
arrest Yusuf Mamman and question Kayode Fayemi,
Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi and the APC Presidential
candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari himself on the
operation and illicit and dangerous agenda of this
illegal Radio Station.
We will not sit back and watch them achieve their
objectives. We will not allow them to destabilise Nigeria
and we will not allow them to create a parallel
government after they lose the elections.
Our sources within the Buhari and APC camp have also
revealed to us that Gen Muhammadu Buhari is in a
quandary about what to do about the very serious
allegations that have been made against Bola Tinubu
when it comes to his tenure as Governor of Lagos state
and thereafter.
Buhari is said to be overwhelmed by the staggering
allegations and compelling evidence that have been
documented and exposed in the last few weeks about
Tinubu and his closest associates.
Our sources have revealed that Gen. Buhari has
resolved that in the event of his winning the
Presidential election, he will issue an ultimatum to Bola
The ultimatum will be that either Tinubu would forfeit
and give up 50 per cent of the money, property and the
illicit gains that he has fleeced and garnered from
Lagos state over the last 16 years or he would face the
full wrath of the law and be prosecuted for corruption.
It is clear from this that all is not well in the APC’s
camp and that their de facto leader, Bola Tinubu and
their presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, are on
a collision course. These two people and their party
simply cannot be trusted with the future of Nigeria.


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