In Ogun PDP members fight over Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign money

The fund meant for President Goodluck Jonathan’s
campaign coordinators across Ogun state has caused
fracas amongst PDP members in the state.


The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) members in Ogun
state threw caution in the wind at a party meeting on
Wednesday, March 18, after it was learnt that the funds
allocated for coordinators of President Goodluck
Jonathan’s campaign across the state may have been
misappropriated, Premium Times reports.
A scuffle ensued at a meeting, held at a hotel located
along Quarry Road in Abeokuta, of 708 coordinators
drawn from 236 wards of the state, after party officials
failed to deliver the funds to the beneficiaries.
The fracas reportedly began after two leaders of the
PDP, Fatai Adeyanju (National Auditor) and Pegba
Otemolu (South West Secretary) told the coordinators
that the money was yet to be deposited into a
designated bank account.
The dissatisfactory news enraged the participants,
coupled with claims that N1million hotel bill had been
allegedly issued for food and drinks which were not
The angry coordinators therefore held the two party
leaders hostage, insisting they would be let go after the
funds were released.
It was gathered that some political thugs escorted
Otemolu out of the hall, who then quickly entered his
waiting Honda pilot jeep for a quick escape, but
unfortunately his driver lost control while trying to
swiftly take his boss out of the heated area and
rammed into another vehicle and a passer-by.
The accident however caused multiple reactions as the
angry group bundled Otemolu out of his car while his
colleague, Adeyanju, took to his heels.
It was not determined as at press time what the irate
group did to the PDP official.


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