Why the pattern of your tie is important

We are addressed the way we are dressed. This is a
truth that some people still manage to take for granted.


It’s said that we are addressed the way we are
dressed. This is a truth that some people still manage
to take for granted. Ever wondered why certain people
are given a higher level of importance just because of
their appearance? Well, you will soon find out that
beyond the actual outfit, the blending of colours and
patterns also matter a lot.
We are going to be talking about ties since they are a
very important part of the male ensemble. We have
compiled a list of different patterns of ties and and a
brief description of each to be able to clue you in, as to
when and where they can be used.
Plain ties:
Plain ties have been known to be in fashion from time
immemorial. The absence of a pattern makes it easy
for the tie to come in unique colours which helps to
enhance ones dressing for each and every event. Plain
Ties have the unique ability to give an insight into the
personality of the wearer. Every man should have at
least one plain Tie in their wardrobe.
Paisley ties:The Paisley pattern came into use as early
as the 1960’s. It is a major fabric pattern that has
remained in vogue in spite of the long years of use.
This style of Tie provides an individualistic appearance,
and has a way of portraying the wearer as free-spirited.
Polka dot ties:The polka dots come in different shapes
and sizes. They always seems to bring a bit of class to
the appearance of the wearer. It makes people consider
the wearer as cheerful, jovial and friendly.
Patterned ties:Schools in the old English system
employed the use of Ties as a means of identifying
students belonging to different schools. This pattern
gets its origin from Great Britain. As of today however,
users of stripe ties are seen as conservative and safe
to be with.
Plaid ties:The plaid pattern has a Scottish origin. It
employs a multi-coloured and multi lined style in its
design. The colours and lines appear in various sizes,
giving an impression of diversity and unpredictability.
Graphic ties:Ties with graphic patterns and images are
usually employed by sport teams and usually reflect the
interests and views of the wearer.


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