If you’re a single woman looking to settle down soon, then read this!


No truer words have ever been written. In addition to
this, here’s what I want to say. Dear ladies, if a man
shows you he doesn’t care, believe him. He doesn’t
care. Now read this deep stuff below which I found
online written by a man about wasting your time with a
man who doesn’t want to marry you…
The idea that men are clueless allows them to
get away with all manner of bad behavior that
would have been intolerable just a generation or
two ago.
Men know that most women want marriage.
Women need to know that many men will do
everything in their power to get all the benefits
of marriage, except without commitment. While
you’re getting exasperated thinking he’s stupid
because he spends money on you, he’s running
Men understand women on a level that you can never
begin to grasp, because it’s from the mindset of a
hunter. And a good hunter has an intrinsic
understanding of his prey. Women make the mistake of
thinking that they are wiser than men. Immoral men
understand a crucial component of the female psyche:
For most women: Hope springs eternal, so if he plays
his cards right, he can string you along for years
without proposing.
Most of us know at least one woman who waited for a
man to marry her, waited sometimes for a decade or
more. She played house with him, took care of him,
cooked, cleaned, etc. but he never married her. Finally
she ends the relationship and he marries the next
woman he dates after only six months or maybe less.
I think we all know a woman like this because it
reinforces something we already know: MEN MARRY
that woman you are not just it. It’s absolutely foolish
to play wife for a man who can’t be bothered to
actually marry you.
Bottom line is; if you’ve reached the point in your
relationship where it’s time for “The Talk” and it hasn’t
happened, or he brushes it off when you raise the
subject, move on. Why? Because men who want to get
married, get married. It’s not that he’s not into
marriage, or he’s still dealing with “issues” from a
previous relationship, or whatever other folder he puts
out there. There’s only one reason a man doesn’t get
married: HE DOESN’T WANT TO. At least, NOT TO YOU.
Don’t fool yourself.
A man who wants you will be rushing YOU to the altar.
Why? Because he’s terrified that you’ll get away from
him. A man in love is all too aware that he has a pearl
beyond price. Further he knows there is a plethora of
other predatory males just waiting to snatch her away.
You don’t have to beg him or persuade him or coerce
him, trap him with pregnancy or fast for days. The only
thing you’ll get for all your trouble is a decimated self-
esteem and the knowledge that you wasted your skinny
years on a man who didn’t want you in the first place.


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