What most Nigerian men love about their women


It is a matter of choice.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. We decided
to sample the opinion of most Nigerian men, and here
are a number of things that stand out from all the
responders we interviewed.
1. Looks: A typical Nigerian man loves his wife to be
beautiful and good looking. It fuels their ego, when their
woman is trendy.
2. Boobs: A large percentage of Nigerian men say they
like big boobs.
3. Flat tummy: A woman’s tummy is her beauty one
Nigerian responder stated. They believe a woman is in
shape when her tummy is trim.
4. Big back side: Most Nigerian men believe that a
woman with big back side will be fertile. They love the
attention it attracts. Some say it arouses sexually
feelings that cannot be explained.
5. Independence: All the Nigerian men interviewed said
they love a woman who is financially independent, who
will not depend on them always for money.
6. Respect: This is an innate desire of every man, little
wonder there is a general agreement on this ideal.
7. Wide hips: In Nigeria, traditionally speaking, any
woman with a wide hips will be able to give birth
easily. So, that is a plus.

btw number 4 is more important than 2


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