Are you sure he is the right guy for you?

Not all that glitters is gold. Be sure you are dating the
right guy for you. Your happiness is not negotiable.


Dating the wrong person can be frustrating. It is a form
of torture-emotional torture. Many ladies have made
the wrong mistake of putting up with the wrong guy
and have come out psychologically, emotionally and
physically battered.
Most guys treat dating as something they must do.
These category of guys see dating as something that is
in vogue. Others date for sex. Only few guys want to
go the long haul. So if you are in an intimate
relationship, read these tips to know if you are dating
the right guy.
1. He respects you, and he shows it by listening
attentively to your views and concerns.
2. He lets you know how much you mean to him. He is
not ashamed to show affection.
3. He wants you to be a better person by encouraging
you to pursue your dreams. Not by forcefully controlling
4. He trusts you and does not have an inferiority
complex when you are around your male friends.
5. He is trustworthy.
6. He does not judge or criticize you, even when you
are wrong.
7. He makes time out for you and shows concern about
your family.
8. He treats less privileged people with love.
9. He is committed to God.
10. He has someone like a mentor he respects and is
accountable to.


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