Singer says impregnating girlfriend was planned

Brymo also said a working relationship with Chocolate
City in the future is possible, but he’s careful about
jumping into old friendships for now.


Talented musician Olawale ‘ Brymo ’ Ashimi has
disclosed that getting his girlfriend of three years
pregnant was not an accident, noting he would not wait
till he’s over 30 years before becoming a father.
“So, yes you can say it was planned,” he said.
Given the society’s sentiments about having children
outside wedlock, Brymo said he would not conform to
the expectation of the society. “A child is a product of
love, not of marriage ,” Brymo told Punch in a recent
“Marriage was made for men to get assistance from
women and vice-versa, but society has bastardised the
concept. I would rather pay attention to loving the
woman I am with than seek the approval of society
about it ,” he expressed.
The 29-year-old singer announced on Instagram in
January that he was expecting a baby.
On his estranged record label, Chocolate City, Brymo
dismissed the possibility of him returning to the label,
noting he has learnt that ‘nobody has your interest at
heart but you.’
Commenting on his recent Tweet, where he appreciated
the label, Brymo explained that he has reconciled with
the past and moved on from all that happened. He said
his latest album ‘Tabula Rasa ,’ which means ‘Blank
Slate’ in Spanish, represents new beginning for him on
all fronts.


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