‘Fayose pays labour for prolonged strike to stall impeachment process’ – APC alleges

It was also alleged that some labour leaders
have received huge sum of money from the
government for various solidarity rallies in the
last six months



The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti
State has alleged that the state government is
planning to talk the state civil servants into
embarking on a prolonged labour crisis, in order
to frustrate the impeachment proceedings
instituted against the governor, Ayo Fayose, by
the APC lawmakers in the state Assembly.
Speaking in a statement on Wednesday, April 29,
in Ado Ekiti, Taiwo Olatubosun , the Publicity
Secretary of the party cautioned the organised
labour not to sacrifice general interest for selfish
It was also alleged that some labour leaders
have received huge sum of money from the
government for various solidarity rallies in the
last six months.
Olatubosun said plans for a politically-motivated
industrial action that will last till the middle of
June is in the works by the compromised labour
He said two options were put before the labour
leaders at a meeting with Fayose on April 27 –
they were to either choose to force a prolonged
holiday from May 29 till the first week of June or
for the government to trigger workers’ anger
through half payment of April salary, that will
force workers to embark on indefinite strike. He
said the leaders chose the second option.
“To set the planned strike in motion, the
governor has offered to pay half salary for April,
which labour would reject, leading to a
disagreement that would spark a strike action ,”
Olatubosun further said.

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3 major reasons why you stay depressed for a long time

It is a very tough thing to overcome and most
times require the help of a therapist or

Millions suffer everyday from depression which
isn’t caused by any external factor but lack of
personal growth.
It is a very tough thing to overcome and most
times require the help of a therapist or
But to snap out of that depression there are
some things you need to do for yourself to be
Krystal Crossman of Healthy Black Woman lists
three major reasons why people suffer from
1. Putting off exercise: When you are feeling
down obviously the last thing that you
probably want to do is get out there and go
for a jog. But it is the thing that you should
be doing to help your mood. Not only are you
maintaining your health by continuing to
exercise but you are releasing endorphins
which can lift your mood significantly. If you
sit around all day and do nothing you will feel
worse day by day. You don’t have to do
anything strenuous, even just a short walk
will do. But you need to get up and move
every day.
2. Negativity: When you are at a low point you
may sit and think to yourself that you are
never going to get out of this depression so
why even bother trying. Negative thoughts
like this will only make you feel hopeless and
even more depressed. Think about turning
phrases such as: “I’m struggling and can’t
do anything about it” into “I’m struggling but
I know this isn’t who I am.” The more you
stay away from negative thoughts the easier
it will be for you to help your mood.
3. Love: If you push away anyone who cares
about you while you are depressed you are
going to have a tough time getting better.
People who love and care about you should
always be around to help you to get through
tough times. You need support in your life.
Having someone that cares about you when
you hit a low point is one of the most
valuable things that you can have because
they will help lift you up and help you to see
that you are worth much more than you may
think you are.

Bola Tinubu US website links APC leader to drug deals, fraud

The article, which was published on April 27,
2015, is titled “Nigeria’s Next Leader’s Ties to a
Heroin Ring.”

US website, Daily Beast has linked the National
Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC),
Bola Tinubu to a heroin ring.
The article, which was published on April 27,
2015, is titled “Nigeria’s Next Leader’s Ties to a
Heroin Ring.”
In it, Tinubu is described as a former “bagman
for two heroin traffickers” while his connection to
President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari is also
brought to the fore.
The article reads in part:
“General Muhammed Buhari’s political partner is
a former bagman for two heroin traffickers. But
that’s just business as usual in Nigeria.”
“Nigeria’s election last month was celebrated as
an unlikely victory for democracy in an African
country with a tenuous record of free and fair
“But the man most responsible for midwifing
General Muhammed Buhari’s ballot triumph over
current President Goodluck Jonathan has a
spotty CV. Former Lagos provincial governor
Bola Tinubu, affectionately nicknamed the
Jagaban, is today seen as a shrewd if not
“deeply Machiavellian” Svengali in Nigeria’s
politics as well as the architect of a hugely
successful anti-corruption platform.”
“But 20 years ago he had to forfeit nearly half a
million dollars to the U.S. Treasury Department
after being named as an accomplice in a white
heroin-trafficking and money-laundering ring
that stretched from West Africa to the U.S.
“A recent gauzy Financial Times profile of him,
for instance, neglected to mention that two
decades ago Tinubu was identified as a bagman
for two Nigerian heroin movers who operated out
of Chicago and Hammond, Indiana. They were
Adegboyega Mueez Akande and Abiodun Agbele,
Akande’s nephew, who was exposed to law
enforcement after selling white heroin first to Lee
Andrew Edwards, another dealer later jailed for
trying to murder a federal agent, and then to an
undercover cop.”
“In a 1993 court docket from the U.S. District
Court in the Northern District of Illinois, which
The Daily Beast obtained from Sahara Reporters,
a Nigeria-focused news outlet, IRS Special Agent
Kevin Moss said that Akande had run the white
heroin ring in the late 1980s until 1990, when he
handed off the U.S arm of the business to his
nephew, who had arrived in 1988.”
“Akande then returned to Nigeria but continued
to oversee the operation from abroad with the
help of others at home and in the United States,
including his relatives. One of the individuals
identified in his cartel by Moss was Tinubu, then
a Chicago State University-educated accountant
working as a treasurer for Mobil Oil Nigeria Ltd,
a subsidiary of energy giant Mobil Oil, which was
still a few years shy of its famous merger with
Exxon in 1999.”
“Tinubu gave differing accounts for his wealth to
Moss. In one phone call from Nigeria, shortly
after the U.S. Treasury seized his money, he
admitted to wiring $100,000 to Akande’s
Houston bank account and to receiving the
$80,000 from Akande into his First Heritage
account. Tinubu also said that apart from one
other account in Fairfax, Virginia, he had no
other money stashed in U.S. banks.”
“Except that there were other accounts. Citibank
has a worldwide banking division known as
Citibank International where Tinubu stashed an
additional $550,000. He also controlled an entity
called Compass Finance and Investments
Company Ltd., of which Akande and Agbele were
“There’s no evidence that Tinubu was ever
indicted for any crime. He eventually settled with
the district court, turning over $460,000 of the
seized $1.4 million, with the remainder released
back to him. The Beast tried repeatedly to
contact Marsha McClellan, the U.S. attorney who
prosecuted the case, but was unsuccessful.”
The article further refers to a recent open letter
written by Buruji Kashamu , a Nigerian politician
also accused of drug dealing in the US, praising
Tinubu and calling him his role model.

Ciara Singer’s alleged boyfriend speaks on dating rumors


Could Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell
Wilson be Ciara’s new man ?
Russell Wilson , who happens to be Ciara’s
alleged boyfriend » says he’s got a special
someone in his life but kept his lips sealed about
the name.
In an interview with Entertainment Today’s
Nischelle Turner at the White House
Correspondents’ Dinner » , the Seattle Seahawks
quarterback coyly avoided questions about his
alleged relationship with singer Ciara..
When asked, “There’s been a lot of talk about
your personal life. Are you dating anyone
The 26-year-old football star responded: “That’s
why it’s my personal life, I don’t talk about it
too much. But, there is someone in mind. I’ll say
“Does her name begin with a ‘C’?” Nischelle
asked, looking to get a little more out of the
young athlete.
“Who knows? I’m not a great speller,” Wilson
said, laughing. It’s clear he’s got someone, but
he’s not ready to confirm much right now.
Ciara and Russell were spotted together at a
football game in Seattle which sparked rumors
they were having an affair.
We’ll keep you all posted on this. Stay with us!

Patience Jonathan’s attitude & anti-gay bill made Jonathan lose the election – PDP chieftain


Bayelsa state PDP publicity secretary, Mr. Osom
Makbere says international and local factors
contributed to President Jonathan’s defeat at
the 2015 general elections. He blamed it most on
the president’s wife and the signing of the anti-
gay bill
“Jonathan was a victim and target of
international cum domestic esoteric codes
and conspiracies. On the international
level, the passage of the anti-gay
legislation led to criticisms and face-off
with the US, and the West. The strides
made in the economic sphere, especially
domestic rice promotion, calculated by the
Jonathan administration to flip economic
growth, and boost import substitution,
also negatively alerted the West.
The shift to China for our railway
transformation, and recently, the
migration to Russia for arms and
ammunition to quelling the insurgency
also signalled to the West that Jonathan
had started constituting a self-reliant and
dependent nation-state, a feat seen too
tall by the US and their allies in the West.
The aforesaid international factors found
room to flourish given the obstinacy and
impudence on the part of Mrs. Jonathan.
The end result of her personal ambition to
plant ‘self-made’ governors triggered
face-offs with some governors.” he told

Dear Korede Bello, please do not remix ‘Godwin’

Bisola Alawode discusses the
success of Korede Bello’s hit single and why he
shouldn’t bother recording a remix for it


Korede Bello » must be on cloud nine. His
song Godwin is currently Nigeria’s most popular
song. So popular is it that some have even gone
as far as saying it is now the de facto anthem of
Nigerians all over the world. With this one song,
he has achieved what every musician actively
aims for. It is also important to note that this
song is actually Korede’s second or third single
as a professional musician. With this, he has
joined the likes of Davido, Kiss Daniel and
Patoranking as musicians who through one
single attained ‘superstar status’ or in his own
unique case, ‘mega superstar status’.
I did not fully appreciate how popular the song
was until almost all politicians who emerged
victorious during the just concluded elections
adopted it as their ‘unofficial victory anthem’.
Akinwunmi Ambode, governor elect of Lagos
state is said to be especially fond of the song. In
fact, it was the song of choice when he and APC
party stalwarts gathered at the party
headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos to celebrate his
victory at the polls.
With all the plaudits the song has gotten, I would
like to sound a note of warning to Korede and
Mavin Records. Leave the song as it is. Please
do not remix it. Do not get me wrong, I’m not
saying remixing the song will be a bad thing, I
just feel it would be unnecessary to make a
Godwin remix. Some might argue that a remix
might actually make the song last longer in the
minds of music lovers. An example to support
this case would be Patoranking’s Girlie O ft.
Tiwa Savage . The remix was so good that most
people forgot about the original. But let us also
not forget that major hit songs like Oritsefemi’s
Double Wahala Iyanya ’s Kukere , Davido’s Dami
duro, Olamide’s First Of All, and Kiss Daniel ’s
Woju had remixes that were considered outright
failures in every sense. Even though they all
featured ‘A list’ musicians like Akon, Dbanj, Tiwa
Savage and Davido.
Though Korede might not realise it, he has made
a song that would be around for a long, long
time. You know your song is a hit when you are
invited to perform it in churches. Though some
pastors might consider it a ‘secular’ song.
Also in all this, one must not forget Don Jazzy’s
input in all this. He remains like the proverbial
wine that gets better with time. 3 of his new
school artistes (Korede, Reekado Banks and
Di’Ja ) all have songs topping the charts
currently. Other acts signed to his Mavin records
like Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid and D’Prince are also
doing well. Kudos to him.
One can only hope Korede develops on the
success of Godwin and keep giving us good
music. We wouldn’t want him to turn into a ‘one
hit wonder’.
This article was written by ‘Bisola Alawode .
‘Bisola is a journalist and PR consultant. He can
be reached at abisolaalawode@yahoo.co.uk