Dbanj Missing At The Court As alleged debt trial begins


The first sitting of D’banj’s court case held its first
sitting on Monday, March 30, 2015. The hearing held at
the Multi-door Courthouse, Obalende, Lagos, with the
award winning entertainer conspicuously absent.
D’banj was represented by his lawyer,Dele Adeshina,
who was represented by a junior lawyer from his
The claimant of the case, Henry Ojogho, was also not
present in court according to THE NET.
After deliberations, the presiding judge,Justice (Mrs.)
Oyebanji adjourned the case till May 7, 2015.
In November 2014, Henry Ojogho, Vice Chairman of
Broron Group and Vice Chairman of MindHub
Technologies, claimed that he borrowed D’banj a
certain amount of money N60m, and refused to pay at
the stipulated time as at when agreed.
He further claimed that D’banj issued two bounced
cheques – one on December 20, 2013, and another on
January 20, 2014.


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