Horror-Christians Now Killing Muslims in Towns Recovered From Boko Haram


A report by Times of London says that the
Christians in the insurgency-plagued parts of the
North are beginning to strike back in vengeance at
their Muslims neighbors following the recapture of
previously fallen territories by the Nigerian Army.
Christians are killing muslims, they say, because
they believe the Muslims were complicit in the
plan by the insurgents to lay waste to their
Times of London, quoted by ThisDay, reports thus:
“Yet many Muslims who were displaced by the
fighting are afraid to go home for fear of
harassment from the military or reprisals from
their Christian neighbours, who bore the brunt of
Boko Haram’s savagery.
“Saleh Jibril, who fled to a refugee camp in Yola,
said that a friend had found his wife floating in a
river with her hands tied behind her back after
she tried to hike through the mostly Christian
district of Michika, about 20 miles south of their
home in Gulak, in March.
Salihi Ateequ, a member of the Adamawa State
Muslim Council, said that his sister, Hinidiyatu
Tijjani, also went back to Michika soon after it was
liberated, to check on their mother who had stayed
“She spent four days in Michika, but as she was
coming back she was ambushed,” Mr. Ateequ said.
She was carrying an infant baby on her back. Both
were hacked to death with cutlasses.
“The Christians in Michika believe the Muslims
invited Boko Haram to come and kill them,” Mr.
Ateequ added. “So now it’s vengeance and every
Muslim is a target.”


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