Pastor arrested for using his manhood to ‘cast out demons’


A pastor in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Greatness Tapfunma,
has been arrested for raping a 16-year-old girl after he
purportedly assaulted her sexually, claiming he was
casting out demons from her, reports Zimnews..
Tapfuma, the General Overseer and Founder of
Kingdom Rulers International Church, has been charged
for rape and sexual battery at the Western Commonage
Magistrate Court.
The prosecutor, Mufaro Mageza, told the court that in
October last year, Tapfuma proposed love to the victim
who was a member of his church, but was turned
During the same month, Tapfuma invited the girl to his
Cowdray Park house and told her of a ‘prophecy’
claiming her family was being attacked by demons and
needed cleansing.
He allegedly told the victim that part of the cleansing
would involve her sleeping with him.
The girl narrated how the man of God raped her in
“He told me that if I did not sleep with him, my father
was going to die and I be turned into a Satanist. That
day, he locked me in his house and had sex with me
three times, claiming he was casting out the evil spirits
from me.”
Last year, it was reported that the same pastor was
acquitted of rape charges after two members of his
church accused him of sexually abusing them.
It was alleged that he raped the women aged 25 and
22 respectively, after inviting them to his house for


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