Activist Drops 80,000 DVD Copies of Controversial Movie ‘The Interview’ into North Korea By Balloons



LOL,A South Korean activist , Lee Min-bok, says he had
flown thousands of copies of controversial The
Interview over the North Korean border.
He told CNN that he had defied threats from the North
to release thousands of DVDs of the film, attached to
helium balloons, on four occasions since January.
The Seth Rogen comedy, about a fictional CIA plot to
kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, enraged
Sony initially pulled the film after a hacking attack and
threats to attack cinemas which were screening it.
But it changed its mind and gave the film a limited
cinema release after being accused of responding to an
attack on free speech.
The FBI says North Korea was behind the hack and
threats, though it denies this.
He told AFP news agency: “I launched thousands of
copies and about a million leaflets on Saturday, near
the western part of the border.”
He said the launches were all done in remote areas and
without publicity but that the police “would have no
right to stop me”.
The South Korean government has said it is unable to
force Mr Lee and other defectors to halt the balloon
launches as it is a matter of free speech.
Just knowing how much effort the North Korean
government has put into stopping ‘ The Interview ’ being
seen by its citizens has encouraged Mr Lee to carry out
the launches.
“The regime hates this film because it shows Kim
Jong-un as a man, not a god,” Mr Lee said.
“He cries and is afraid like us, and then he is
The controversial comedy, starring Seth Rogan and
James Franco, triggered outrage in Pyongyang for a
fictional plotline that saw two television journalists
sent to assassinate the North Korean leader.


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