The First Four Episodes Of Game Of Thrones Season 5 Just Leaked | DOWNLOAD EPISODES 1 – 4


Ouch. If you hate Game Of Thrones spoilers, you
might want to keep your head down and your
router disconnected for the next…like, month.
Don’t worry, though: this post, at least, will be
spoiler free.
The very night before Game Of Thrones Season
5 was set to premiere, the first four episodes of
the season have been leaked simultaneously.
Rumors of this leak started circulating on the
afternoon of the 11th; by 6 p.m., the files
started appearing across myriad torrent
trackers. In just a few hours since, over 50,000
people have grabbed the first episode.
Game Of Thrones is already the world’s most
pirated show. This.. probably won’t help it lose
that title.
Like each season before it, Season 5 of Thrones
will consist of just 10 episodes. With this, nearly
half of the season has leaked before the first
episode even got a chance to officially premiere.
While not as awful as having the entire season
leak, I imagine some pretty harsh words are
being thrown around HBO HQ right now. The
timing has to be particularly painful.
HBO carefully timed the launch of their new,
long-awaited standalone streaming service, HBO
Now, around the premiere of this new season.


It’s banking on easy, instant, cable-free Game Of
Thrones access as a primary selling point.
And now, said service is going to be behind the
pirates by a full month. Again: Ouch.
How can HBO respond? Do they ride it out and
hope subscribers are willing to wade through
spoilers for the next four weeks? Do they release
all of the leaked episodes in one blast in order
to get everyone on the same page?



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