Xenophobia: 6,000 Nigerians will lose their jobs if MTN leaves Nigeria


MTN Nigeria says about 6,000 Nigerians will lose
their jobs if MTN is made to leave Nigeria. Head
of Communications MTN, Mr Wale Goodluck said
this while reacting to calls by a protest group in
Edo state yesterday that the telecommunications
offices in Nigeria will be shut and their
installations attacked if the xenophobic attacks
in South Africa continues.
Mr Goodluck said there are only 12 expatriates
working for the company in Nigeria compared to
a workforce of 6,000 Nigerians.
“So if people go ahead with their threats
to attack our facilities, what that means
is that we may be forced to close down
the business in Nigeria and about 6,000
Nigerians that make up 99% of our
workforce will be unemployed.
Then, when you look at our support chain,
we have about 500,000 Nigerians gainfully
employed. So, boycotting our services
simply means destroying so many other
Nigerian businesses and making over
500,000 other Nigerians to lose their jobs.
This business supports a lot of
businesses across the length and breadth
of Nigeria. Many of the businesses that
are affiliated to South Africa are in the
retail space, supporting the growth of
Nigeria and employing so many Nigerians.
We see no revenge of Xenophobia and we
commend the role the Nigerian High
Commissioner in South Africa has played;
at least there has been no fatality on the
part of any Nigerian,” he said


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