Patience Jonathan’s attitude & anti-gay bill made Jonathan lose the election – PDP chieftain


Bayelsa state PDP publicity secretary, Mr. Osom
Makbere says international and local factors
contributed to President Jonathan’s defeat at
the 2015 general elections. He blamed it most on
the president’s wife and the signing of the anti-
gay bill
“Jonathan was a victim and target of
international cum domestic esoteric codes
and conspiracies. On the international
level, the passage of the anti-gay
legislation led to criticisms and face-off
with the US, and the West. The strides
made in the economic sphere, especially
domestic rice promotion, calculated by the
Jonathan administration to flip economic
growth, and boost import substitution,
also negatively alerted the West.
The shift to China for our railway
transformation, and recently, the
migration to Russia for arms and
ammunition to quelling the insurgency
also signalled to the West that Jonathan
had started constituting a self-reliant and
dependent nation-state, a feat seen too
tall by the US and their allies in the West.
The aforesaid international factors found
room to flourish given the obstinacy and
impudence on the part of Mrs. Jonathan.
The end result of her personal ambition to
plant ‘self-made’ governors triggered
face-offs with some governors.” he told


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