3 major reasons why you stay depressed for a long time

It is a very tough thing to overcome and most
times require the help of a therapist or

Millions suffer everyday from depression which
isn’t caused by any external factor but lack of
personal growth.
It is a very tough thing to overcome and most
times require the help of a therapist or
But to snap out of that depression there are
some things you need to do for yourself to be
Krystal Crossman of Healthy Black Woman lists
three major reasons why people suffer from
1. Putting off exercise: When you are feeling
down obviously the last thing that you
probably want to do is get out there and go
for a jog. But it is the thing that you should
be doing to help your mood. Not only are you
maintaining your health by continuing to
exercise but you are releasing endorphins
which can lift your mood significantly. If you
sit around all day and do nothing you will feel
worse day by day. You don’t have to do
anything strenuous, even just a short walk
will do. But you need to get up and move
every day.
2. Negativity: When you are at a low point you
may sit and think to yourself that you are
never going to get out of this depression so
why even bother trying. Negative thoughts
like this will only make you feel hopeless and
even more depressed. Think about turning
phrases such as: “I’m struggling and can’t
do anything about it” into “I’m struggling but
I know this isn’t who I am.” The more you
stay away from negative thoughts the easier
it will be for you to help your mood.
3. Love: If you push away anyone who cares
about you while you are depressed you are
going to have a tough time getting better.
People who love and care about you should
always be around to help you to get through
tough times. You need support in your life.
Having someone that cares about you when
you hit a low point is one of the most
valuable things that you can have because
they will help lift you up and help you to see
that you are worth much more than you may
think you are.


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