Ciara Singer’s alleged boyfriend speaks on dating rumors


Could Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell
Wilson be Ciara’s new man ?
Russell Wilson , who happens to be Ciara’s
alleged boyfriend » says he’s got a special
someone in his life but kept his lips sealed about
the name.
In an interview with Entertainment Today’s
Nischelle Turner at the White House
Correspondents’ Dinner » , the Seattle Seahawks
quarterback coyly avoided questions about his
alleged relationship with singer Ciara..
When asked, “There’s been a lot of talk about
your personal life. Are you dating anyone
The 26-year-old football star responded: “That’s
why it’s my personal life, I don’t talk about it
too much. But, there is someone in mind. I’ll say
“Does her name begin with a ‘C’?” Nischelle
asked, looking to get a little more out of the
young athlete.
“Who knows? I’m not a great speller,” Wilson
said, laughing. It’s clear he’s got someone, but
he’s not ready to confirm much right now.
Ciara and Russell were spotted together at a
football game in Seattle which sparked rumors
they were having an affair.
We’ll keep you all posted on this. Stay with us!


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