[DOWNLOAD HIGHLIGHTS] Breakdown Of Floyd Mayweather & Pacquiao Fight







Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has triumphed over
Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao with a unanimous
decision victory in Las Vegas. The bout lived
up to its billing as the ‘ Fight of the century’,
both fighters putting on a show for the sold-
out MGM Grand and the millions watching on
pay-per-view around the globe.
The contest itself was a see-saw affair,
Mayweather struggling to find a rhythm early
as Pacquiao came of the gates the more
aggressive fighter, lunging forward with flurries
of shots which seemed to be rattling
After some choice words in the middle rounds
from Floyd Mayweather Sr, both his father and
trainer, Mayweather adjusted in the middle
rounds and started to settle into his trademark
defensive style, picking his opponent off
consistently with an effective straight right.
Post- fight, Mayweather announced his
intentions to fight again in September, while
Pacquiao admitted to believing he was the
more deserving winner.
For more on Mayweather’s memorable victory,
check out the play-by-play from Shaun Al-
Shatti below.
Round 1: Here we go, y’all.
Mayweather- Pacquiao is finally here. Feels a
bit crazy, eh? Never thought it would happen.
Julio Lopez opens our night up with the
national anthem of Mexico. No joke, a choir
rolls out to serenade us with the Filipino
national anthem. Welcome to the spectacle.
Jamie Foxx is our American national anthem
singer. Here come the walkouts. Manny
Pacquiao out first, with none other than Jimmy
Kimmel by his side. And there’s Floyd
Mayweather , walking out with… the Burger
King? Uh, yeah. Justin Bieber and the Burger
King. Okay. Introductions over. We’re rolling,
ladies and gentlemen. Kenny Bayless is our
referee. Mayweather throws first, finding a
home for a right hand off the one-two.
Pacquiao playing it slow. Mayweather slips a
one-two then cracks Pacquiao with a right
hand counter. The crowd swells behind
Pacquiao , but he’s hesitant. Mayweather dives
in with a left to the body. Nice right hand by
Mayweather. Pacquiao finally sticks a right
straight in Mayweather’s face. Pacquiao backs
Mayweather into the corner but Mayweather
clinches. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9
Round 2 : Pacquiao charges inside but gets
cracked. Pacquiao is chasing but can’t find his
mark. Big flurry from Pacquiao but
Mayweather slips it and clinches. Mayweather
with his hands by his sides. Pacquiao rushes
inside and they tie up. Pacquiao double jabs
and pressures Mayweather against the ropes.
Mayweather clinches and circles out. Straight
left lands for Mayweather. Pacquiao ducks
under a looping right. Pacquiao stalks
Mayweather into the corner and connects on a
hard right. Mayweather sticks his jab in
Pacquiao ’s face. Pacquiao answers by
charging forward swinging. MMA Fighting
scores it 10-9 Pacquiao . (19-19.)
Round 3: Mayweather eats a straight left. Low
blow from Mayweather and Pacquiao isn’t
happy about it. Pacquiao continues to stalk
Mayweather into the corner and look to unload
punches. Wild flurry from Pacquiao but
Mayweather slips nearly everything. Repeated
clinches from Mayweather anytime Pacquiao
gets inside. Pacquiao bobs and weaves and
charges forward with a right-left. Pacquiao
isn’t landing much, but Mayweather isn’t
throwing much. Nice shot from Pacquiao at
the end of the round. MMA Fighting scores it
10-9 Pacquiao . (29-28 Pacquiao .)
Round 4: Pacquiao unleashes a flurry along the
ropes. And another. Mayweather seems
content to just hang back and dodges a
majority of these shots. Pacquiao starting to
find his range. Oh man, wild left hand puts
Mayweather on the defensive! Pacquiao
unloading! Pacquiao resets then cracks
Mayweather with a hard right hand.
Mayweather clinches when Pacquiao rushes
inside. Mayweather lands a counter right.
Pacquiao goes to the body.MMA Fighting
scores it 10-9 Pacquiao . (39-37 Pacquiao .)
Round 5: Mayweather sticking to the outside
now. Pacquiao lunges in and misses with a
nasty right hook. Mayweather pops his jab.
Mayweather connects again and Pacquiao
smiles. Pacquiao misses with a right, but he’s
hanging inside the pocket. Pacquiao testing
his range with his right. Mayweather clinches.
Pacquiao eats a jab, and another. MMA
Fighting scores it 10-9 Mayweather. (48-47
Pacquiao .)
Round 6: Both men come out swinging.
Mayweather blocked most of the salvo, but ate
a nice straight right. Pacquiao continues to be
the aggressor, rips a punch to the gut of
Mayweather. Mayweather come over the top,
but Pacquiao counters and traps him against
the ropes. Huge flurries from Pacquiao but
Mayweather is blocking everything and
countering. Mayweather keeping Pacquiao at
range with his jab. MMA Fighting scores it
10-9 Mayweather. (57-57.)
Round 7: Mayweather’s corner was furious at
their fighter. Mayweather comes out on fire,
snapping that jab out and plastering it on
Pacquiao ’s chin. Pacquiao lunges inside and
catches Mayweather with a nice right.
Pacquiao goes back to stalking and
Mayweather clinches when he gets too close.
Four straight jabs from Mayweather. Hard
one-two lands for Pacquiao and backs
Mayweather up. Pacquiao goes back to it and
misses. Mayweather slips a right. MMA
Fighting scores it 10-9 Mayweather. (67-66
Round 8: Slow start to round eight.
Mayweather pawing out his jab. Pacquiao
pressure him against the ropes then unleashes
a wild combination. And another. Pacquiao is
letting it fly now, but Mayweather is blocking
them all. Pacquiao goes to the body then back
up top. Wow, it’s 44 punches to 43 landed
punches in Mayweather’s favor so far in the
fight. Incredible. Mayweather snaps a jab in
Pacquiao ’s face, then follows with a left hook.
Mayweather rips off another straight shot.
Pacquiao walks Mayweather into the corner
but misses. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9
Mayweather. (77-75 Mayweather.)
Round 9: Mayweather cracks Pacquiao with a
short right then backs out of range. Pacquiao
wades inside and connects on a few short
shots before Mayweather clinches. Pacquiao
misses a lunging left and eats a counter for his
troubles. Mayweather continues to touch
Pacquiao up with that jab. Straight left from
Maweather. Pacquiao rushes inside and
unloads a salvo. Nice shot there from
Pacquiao , but his only moment of the
round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9
Mayweather. (87-84 Mayweather.)
Round 10: Pacquiao struggling to find his
range early. Pacquiao lunges inside but can’t
connect flush. Mayweather circles out the
backend and snaps off a jab. Pacquiao traps
Mayweather against the ropes but again fails
to connect. Pacquiao eating jabs aplenty here.
Pacquiao is firing but man, he’s only hitting
air. They clinch. Right hook from Pacquiao .
Slow round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9
Mayweather. (97-93 Mayweather.)
Round 11 : Hard right hand from Mayweather.
Nice three-punch combination from
Mayweather. Mayweather might be taking over
this fight. Oof, nice exchange there. Pacquiao
goes to the body. Pacquiao lunges inside but
misses. Mayweather casually slips another
flurry then fires off a right hand down the pipe.
Mayweather backs against the ropes and
dodges literally every punch from Pacquiao .
Wow. Pacquiao feints, then eats a short hook
coming inside. One last jab from
Mayweather. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9
Mayweather. (107-102 Mayweather.)
Round 12: Here we go. Pacquiao needs to get
desperate. Mayweather catches Pacquiao with
a perfect short right as Pacquiao lunges
inside. Solid check hook lands from
Mayweather. Clinch from Mayweather.
Mayweather snaps out his jab again and
again. Pacquiao storms forward and looks to
bull Mayweather into the corner, but man, that
footwork ain’t having it. Mayweather starting
to celebrate a bit, hands by his side. Pacquiao
rushes in with another flurry but misses.
That’s all she wrote. MMA Fighting scores it
10-9 Mayweather. (117-111 Mayweather.)
Floyd Mayweather def. Manny Pacquiao via
unanimous decision (118-110, 116-112,


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