Mayweather vs Pacquiao: It’s turning into a classic fight! Follow it live NOW


They’re out for the last round. The fighters hug at
the start of it. Perhaps Floyd’s feeling well
disposed because he’s thinking about the
rematch payday. Well, now or never…. or maybe
we’ll come back in a year’s time, who knows.
There’s a straight left from Manny, but Floyd is
dancing out of the way, he’s enjoying this, and
why not, he’s got Pac right where he wants him,
this is a gentle cruise home barring disasters.
Manny’s corner not looking too happy.
Floyd tags Manny right from the bell! He’s caught
Manny there. But soon the fight resumes its
pattern: Manny lunging forward, Floyd dancing
out of the way. Manny not throwing enough. One
punch attacks aren’t going to do it against this
counterpunching defensive genius. Left right
combo from Mayweather.
Come on Manny, up that rate. First minute of this
round is pretty quiet, but Manny has barrelled
Floyd into the corner. But Floyd is out of there
like an otter slithering out of a pot of melted
Nutella. “He needs to give the judges something
to like,” says Jim Watt. Manny having a good
round though, he is making the running in this
one. “I don’t think he has got the strength or the
fitness to do it. Mayweather has nullified him.”
CArl Froch makes a harsh assessment.
Gareth disagrees with the commentators: “That
left of Pacquiao is thrilling. It brings the fight –
and Floyd – very much alive., See that beautiful
movement and defence from Floyd on the ropes.
So hard to do, so brilliant. Manny the aggressor,
Floyd now in winning on points mode. Not lot of
punches landed This is going to be very close.
Controversy brewing… Pacquiao 10-9
Nice lunging left from Manny gets through. But
apart from that hard-charging spell in round four,
Manny’s been one shot at a time. not able to put
enoguh combos together. Think we could get a
fishy decision here though, maybe. Floyd not
exactly looking to knock his man out. It’s classy,
it’s composed – is it a bit bloodless? Will the
judges judge it harshly?
Gareth says: “Floyd with the right hand. Great
right from Floyd over the jab – great whiskers
from MP. This is a great fight. The puncher/
brawler against the stylist. Savour it – they will
go down as greats. Great assasault from MP
again. Close round but Pacquiao going for it and
very much the aggressor. Floyd landed only a few
single shots. Pacquiao 10-9”
Manny taking some more risks now. Lands a left,
swings wildly and misses now. Jim Watt says:
“you have to take risks against FM. You cannot
beat him at his own game.” Couple of flurries.
Pac chasing it in this round but he’s not really
finding Floyd. Floyd dropping the hands now,
starting to large it up a bit, Manny looking the
more tired of the two I would say. It’s been
engaging and Mayeather’s defence has been
super, but there have only been sporadic squalls
of real excitement. Floyd back in calm control in
this round.
Gareth: “Winging left, then left uppercut from
Pacman but Floyd still setting traps. Notice that
straight right land from the ropes ? MP cannot
afford to get reckless. Floyd could knock Manny
out as he falls in. Couple of great left hooks from
Floyd, That’s new in this fight. Pacquiao 10-9”
Floyd electric defence again, darting away from
Manny. He’s keeping Manny at distance in this
round. Tags him with three jabs. That’s money. A
slower round. Carl Froch: “Manny needs to
sustain the punch rate and I cannot see him
doing that.”
Gareth: “Mayweather attacks, uncharacteristically
clumsy throwing the right. FM has come out
looking to dominate and change pattern again.
Lands good right hand. Pacman hunting bobbing
looking for left handed attack again. Great left
from MP inside the final minute sends Floyd
backwards, but he wore it well. Then a left body
shot with 12 seconds remaining from Pacman.
Another close rd. Mayweather 10-9”
Manny ups the tempo again, as he must. And he
manages to trap Floyd in the corner and unloads
a flurry. Now he’s got him on the ropes, pounding
away at the body. Floyd shake his head! Saying,
nah mate, not bothered. Floyd gets back out in
the centre of the ring and has sort of taken
control again, but until he can actually hurt
Pacquaio, he is not going to shut him down. And
who knows how the judges are scoring all this? I
reckon it’s 4-2 roughly to Floyd in round at the
halfway mark.
Gareth: “We are witnessing the ageing of Floyd
Mayweather here. Serious left-handed assault by
Pacquioa, hard, hard shots. Mayweather reactions
are slowing. He’s still dangerous with that right
hand and right check hook. Pacquiao 10-9”
Floyd needs, and gets, a quieter round. He’s
inviting Pac onto him. Manny cannot let the blood
get up too much, get knocked out as he charges
forward. Manny looking to “box” more in this
round rather than the fourth round when he just
went at him hard and whaling. Floyd’s supporters
will have enjoyed that round much more. At the
end of the round, the ref tells Mayweather to keep
his punches up.
Gareth A Davies : “This is becoming an awesome
fight. That assault in the fourth by MP has got
Floyd’s attention. That round could have gone
either way. Floyd early, Manny late. Floyd back in
shell. FM warned for holding and hitting. Closest
round so far. Mayweather 10-9”
More promising start to this round. Manny is
throwing at an incredible rate and he has landed
a couple at the start of round four. And now
here’s a flurry of blows from Manny! pings him
with a left, he’s into this now and he has hurt
Floyd, who is covering up on the ropes. And now
he’s caught him with a right in the cenre of the
ring, this is Manny’s best few monents yet. This
is more like it for Manny, he’s whaling punches
on him but Mayweather’s defence is very, very
good. A huge number of blows but how many of
them actually hurt is harder to say. He was
working the body good and hard. That’s Manny’s
round no doubt.
Gareth A Davies’ verdict: There it is. The power
of Pacquiao. The left finally lands from Manny.
Floyd is rocked. And again. This place has come
alive. Mayweather covers up. Now we have a
fight. This is just amazing. PacMan must not get
reckless. Pacquiao 10-9.
Off and running again. Manny has barely landed
one. Fight settling into a pattern. Pac charges…
but Floyd is not there. There’s a shot from
Manny though, lunging right that glances. Floyd
throws a couple towards the end of the round.
Mayweather stuck Manny with a low blow in that
round, it glanced off Manny’s glove.
Gareth A Davies’ verdict: This is a slightly more
aggressive Floyd than we are used to seeing. It is
working veruy effectively. Great jabs, the
occasional right hand. Low blow from FM on MP.
Come on Kenny, stronger warning needed. Good
right to the body from FM. Pacman needs to start
landing. Needs a clean combo to change pattern
of fight. For me, FM winning this easily.
Mayweather 10-9
Manny lunges and Floyd tags him. Slight slip
from Floyd, but that was just a footing thing.
Manny bringing great energy, but swinging wildly.
Manny grabs Floyd. He’s managed to back him
into the corner but it’s more by wrestling than
fighting. Pac like a little bull, head down charging.
Mayweather defence looking impeccable. Crowd
are roaring Manny forward but it’s like trying to
thump a shadow at the moment. The bell goes
and I would say that round was a tie, Floyd didn’t
really throw that many. Manny threw a lot, but
just didn’t land. Latoya writes:
“First comment from a lady??? Manny is humble
and has promised to do good with all his
winnings so I’m cheering and praying with the
whole of the Philippines that he wins. Buttttt it’s
likely that Floyd will take it. I hate it. But Floyd to
Gareth A Davies’ verdict: Apart from one
combination, Pacquiao is being out moved and
that right hand of Floyd’s looks so dangerous.
They are calling for Pacman but this is all FM.
Already 5/6 long straight rights. Mayweather
really in the mood. Beautiful to watch.
Mayweather 10-9
We’re off! Finally! Manny coming forward. Floyd
looking to counter, to stick. Floyd looks sharp.
Floyd lands his first straight right, bit of snap in
that, now back to the jap, Floyd is finding his
range really well here. Two minutes minute in,
Floyd looking the more assured. Another straight
right from Floyd. Hmm, I am giving that round
squarely to Floyd Mayweather.
Gareth A Davies : “Brilliant first round by
Mayweather. Controlled everything: centre of the
ring, landed that dangerous right hand twice – the
second time just buckling Pacman’s legs a little,
and ALSO was even setting traps to land a big
right by drawing Manny in.” Mayweather 10-9
Lot of late money coming in for a Pac knockout.
And we’re about to fight.
Fighter introductions. Nice mention for Roach.
Passionate applause for Manny. Huge roar for
Floyd too though. The ref has got them together.
“This is the fight that the world has been waiting
for. You are both world champions. Good luck and
god bless.”
The fighters are in the ring. Here’s yer man….
You wouldn’t think that Floyd, the American, was
at home.
And here comes Floyd Money Mayweather.
Remarkable jacket. Loads of zips on it. In case he
needs some pin money on the way into the ring?
He is flanked by guards, there are quite a lot of
boos in among the cheers. He snakes into the
ring, this is great fun theatre, proper black hat-
white hat stuff.
And here come the fighters. Manny first. Fantastic
ring walk. Soaking up the adulation. Stops to take
a selfie! Smiles, a man in his element. Into the
ring. Down on his knees, head against the post,
Gareth A Davies: “Unreal. Manny Pacquiao
pausing for a selfie. That is fitting too. This is,
don’t forget, the first megafight of the social
media era. That’s why for me it’s one of the most
significant fights of all time for me. Manny in the
ring. Then the music and the mood darkens.
Mayweather is coming…”
A brilliant gallery of all the celeb atendees.
Gareth A Davies : ” These are the Japanese TV
guys sitting directly to the left of me –
occasionally they are unhappy that I am in their
shot in my red paisley shirt. Animated Japanese
voices are awesome. I genuinely have never seen
so many different nationalities at a fight here
working media. Even Mongolia have come for
Manny. But I can see that. You ? For the record
over 1000 accredited media here. I’m one of the
lucky ones bring in here, so close to almost feel
the sweat blood and snarls and smells.
News on the PPV thang.
The stunning demand for pay-per-view telecasts
of the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather mega-
fight has caused a 45-minute delay of the main
event, as broadcasters struggle to get back on
Millions of boxing fans in the US who paid as
much $100 to watch the fight were experiencing
blackouts due to the record demand.
Viewers trying to tune in on cable TV are
complaining that they are stuck watching a black
screen during the undercard fight – just minutes
from what has been dubbed the fight of the
century. There are reports the start of the bout
has been delayed as technicians try to rectify the
Time Warner, Optimum, DirecTV, Charter,
Comcast and AT&T customers all complained of
experiencing the same issues – ranging from
pixilated screens to screens going to black after
the broadcast had started.
The scale of the problem was enough to have
telecasters Showtime and HBO hold up the main
fight for about 45 minutes.
Many missed some, or all, of the undercard fight,
which saw Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko defend
his WBO featherweight title against Gamalier
Rodriguez of Puerto Rico.
Anyhoo, enough of that madness. Here come the
Wow. Jamie Foxx. “Why use one note when four
will do?” says picture editor Alex. He’s absolutely
pestering that final note, giving it the full Mariah
Carey. Feller me lad on the organ is also going
beserk, he’ll need a bucket of ice for those fingers
Philippines national anthem next. And now Jamie
Foxx to sing the USA one, accompanied by solo
barrel organ, by the sound of it. This is totally
amazing and fitting indeed of this enormous
And that action is happening in the form of
national anthems. We are starting with the
Mexican national anthem! Erm ok. It’s Cinco De
Mayo soon, says MC Michael Buffer.
Hope we’re not going to get a selection of
national anthems. Somebody alert David Luiz!
Oliver Brown says: “The only fathomable reason
why the Mexican national anthem was just played
is that this fight is sponsored by Tecate, a
Mexican beer. Utterly bizarre.”
I mean, yeah… The longer they leave it, the more
people might buy it. We could be hear for ages!
Hang on though. Action is happening!
They’re saying that estimated three million people
have bought this. It’s a hundred dollars a pop.
you, as they say, do the math.
SInow Sports Illustrated
Update: HBO’s Mark Taffet told @ChrisMannixSI
that #MayPac could be delayed about 45 min due
to pay-per-view issues
About one hour ago via TweetDeck
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Okay. So it’s delayed. No shocks there. But by
how long?
McCrory makes the good point that one of the
excellent things about this fight is that, as far as
we know, both camps went really well, so we
should be seeing the best of both men.
danroan Dan Roan
Apparently so many people trying to buy pay per
view here in the US at the last minute, the bout
has been delayed
About one hour ago via Twitter for iPhone
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Word from Gareth A Davies :
Here’s view from my seat. Editor Mike
Adamson asked me if I’m excited, I played it cool.
The truth is I am buzzing. I love fight sports and I
respect what it can – and cannot – do. This is an
amazing match up not just of boxers – because
Mayweather is a much greater stylist – but a
clash of stories cultures, and race. Could not be
bigger. Or more diverse. These are the primeval
moments the readiness off the ring walk. Let’s
not rush this…
This fight really has crossed over into the
mainstream. My wife has just texted me from the
UK: “My prediction – Pacquiao to get a help from
the hand of God in round 5 and KO Mayweather.”
Love ya, babe.
Glenn McCrory says: “Mayweather looks ready.
He’s warmed up but not sweating. He looks calm.
Manny looks pensive.”
Manny P has not put his gloves on yet.
“Both of us, Floyd and I, are working hard to put
our name in boxing history,” Manny said at the
final press conference. How will history juge the
winner of this? What about the loser? Where do
you rate these men in the pantheon of the sport’s
Paul Edwards writes:
Alan – greetings from Dhaka where am
sat in a traffic jam “watching” the fight
here… Heart says Manny – but
expecting the head to win through.. Keep up the
good work!
Three-way tie between Bieber, Paris Hilton and
gridiron smuggins Tom Brady for most annoying
celeb attendee so far.
Stirring video package now, one of those things
that the BBC do so brilliantly, and… well… this
one isn’t quite on the money. VICTORY WILL
STIR IN ETERNITY or something. Okay. Never
mind that, what does Paris Hilton think about it
AP_McCoy AP McCoy
I can stay awake all night it’s not like I’ve got a
job to worry about #unemployed
About one hour ago via Twitter for iPhone
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Right then. So, the support acts have done their
okayish thing. Now for the main event.
Blimey, Bob Dylan’s in!
Santa Cruz wins it, takes every round on the
scorecards, and rightly so.
Ambitions of a 4am start have proved, well,
ambitious. The fighters from this undercard bout
are still in the ring as the judges sort out the
Meanwhile, the main man prepares.
This undercard fight has gone the distance and
the unfancied man from Tijuana has done well to
make it so. I don’t think there should be too
much debate about the result.
Rich man’s game, this boxing.
I am looking forward to seeing that Jake G boxing


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