50 Cent Jeweler Says Rapper’s Crew Brutalized Him Stole Expensive Jewelry


50 Cent is smack in the middle of a criminal
investigation after a guy claims 50’s goons pistol
whipped him and stole a quarter of a million
dollars in bling. Robert Marin, who owns LAX
Jewelry Co., tells TMZ he went to Vegas during
fight weekend because he wanted to sell the
rapper a watch and chain worth $250K. Marin
says he met 50 at Drai’s nightclub, showed him
the jewelry and 50 was in, but they needed to
negotiate a price. Marin says they stayed at
Drai’s until the wee hours Saturday and 50’s
crew invited him to see Floyd Mayweather’s gym
… an offer he couldn’t refuse. Marin claimed
when they arrived things turned ugly. He says 2
of 50’s guys pistol whipped him, stole the jewelry
and fled. Marin has filed a robbery report and
Vegas cops are investigating. 50’s people say
the story is BS … his attorney Scott Leemon tells
us, “On behalf of 50, I can adamantly deny that
he or his security had anything to do with these
baseless and false allegations.”


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