Veterinary Student Considers Dropping Out Of School Because Lebron James Liked Her Photo On Instagram




A veterinary student is considering dropping out
of school and pursuing a modelling career after
LeBron James ‘liked’ one of her photos on
Josett Latrice posted an image of her posing in
leggings and sunglasses on instagram and the
King of the NBA showed his appreciation.
The married father-of-three reacted despite a
self-imposed social media ban during the
Cleveland Cavaliers’ play-off run.
Latrice disclosed that the athlete’s recognition
was a ‘sign from God’ that she should pursue
‘It makes me feel awesome,’ she told TMZ. ‘I
love the fact that he liked my picture.’
The student admitted she did not realize the All-
Star had ‘liked’ the picture until the morning
Her friends began to take notice when articles
about the aspiring model started to appear
She confirmed she is not a ‘booty’ model, but
is already planning for her future in the fashion
Latrice now hopes to talk to modelling agents
and ‘get her picture out there’.
The picture was initially posted onto the
account @perfectbooties, where women pay to
have their pictures uploaded.
Her personal Instagram has a collection of
risque shots, as well as the pose approved by
The King.


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