Chris Brown I’m Going Back to Vegas But There are Strings Attached


Chris Brown will be allowed back in the Vegas hotel
where he brawled during a basketball game … but there
are serious strings attached. Brown wants to spend
part of the Memorial Day weekend at The Palms, but
the hotel has reservations. You’ll recall during the
Mayweather/Pacquaio fight weekend Chris had a
ridiculous suite at The Palms, which had its own
basketball court and at around 3 AM he allegedly
attacked an opponent. Police investigated but no
charges were filed. The Palms management is
agreeable to allowing Chris back, but now there are
rules. For starters, he is not allowed to throw parties
in the suite without pre-approval from hotel honchos.
The rule doesn’t apply if he has fewer than 15 guests.
But there’s more. No outside food or alcohol, which
sounds more than a money-maker for the hotel than a
real rule. Chris will be tested, because Karrueche is
booked at the same hotel Saturday night, and this will
be the first time they’ve seen each other since their
breakup. Vegas, Karrueche, basketball, and a bunch of
rules … what could possibly go wrong?


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