Chris Brown & Royalty Back Off Groupies … My Tour Bus Is a No-Ratchet Zone


Attention all Texas THOTS … Chris Brown’s got no
room or time for you on his tour bus, because he’s got
baby Royalty on board, and that means some strict new
rules for his homies. Chris picked up his baby girl in
Houston, and they’re currently taking a 10+ hour ride to
El Paso — and our CB sources tell us Daddy is keeping
things PG, telling his crew there will be: – NO cursing-
NO smoking- NO drinking- and most importantly … NO
GROUPIES It’s not all bad … we’re told Chris is
entertaining everyone with a Disney marathon of DVDs.
Highlights include … “Frozen,” “Mickey Mouse
Clubhouse,” and the classic … “Bebe’s Kids.” One more
thing — we’re told when Royalty naps … it’s lights out
for everybody. Someone’s seriously wrapped around
someone’s little finger.


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