Marriage success tips Top 3 rules for long-lasting marriage from couples who have been together for over 50 yrs

Intending and newly married couples should always
seek advice from couples who have made it through
decades of marriage


Marriage is meant to be “till death do us part” which is
why intending and newly married couples should always
seek advice from couples who have made it through
decades of marriage with the same significant other.
Krystle Crossman of Healthy Black Woman lists three
tips from these couples married over for 50 years:
1. When you are about to fight, make a sandwich –
This may sound crazy but it actually works. How
many times have you become so hungry that you
become angry at every little thing that is going on?
If you and your partner are about to have a fight
take a time out at eat something before you get
into it. You will be able to have a more calm and
rational discussion when your blood sugar isn’t at a
low point and when you have a stomach that isn’t
growling. It may seem almost impossible to stop a
fight to make a sandwich but it will be worth it in
the end.
2. Timing – Timing is everything when it comes to a
difficult conversation. If you have something to say
and you know it is going to create conflict or even
start a big fight you need to make sure that you are
bringing it up at the right time to avoid something
bigger. Gauge your partner’s mood and make sure
that they are not in an angry or a tense mood to
start with as things will just escalate that much
quicker. Also weigh in on the amount of distraction
that your spouse has at the time that you want to
talk. If they have brought their work home with
them or they are dealing with some major crisis
from a friend it may not be the best time to bring
the conversation up as they are not going to have
the energy or concentration to really hear what you
have to say.
3. Take a break from the argument – When you do get
into an argument and it is getting really heated the
best thing that you can do is take a break so that
you can both clear your minds and calm down. If
you continue to drag the situation out when you are
both frustrated beyond belief it can make things
much worse than they could be. Take some time to
think and reflect on the argument and try to come
up with a solution.


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