By Fire, By Force Suspected cultists murder Islamic cleric for refusing to buy them ‘Igbo’

A Muslim cleric has been killed by suspected cultists.


A 25-year-old Islamic cleric, Alfa Rahmon Alabi, has
been reportedly murdered in strange circumstances
» by hoodlums suspected to be cultists » because he
refused to buy Indian Hemp (Igbo), for them.
The incident which happened on Thursday, July 9, at
the Ayobo area of Lagos State, has thrown the
community into a frenzy and apprehension.
It was gathered that the Iseyin, Oyo State indigene,
was on his way to the Mosque to conduct the Tahajjud
(Night Prayer), when the hoodlums accosted him and
requested he bought marijuana for them, but he
refused, saying doing such against his Islamic faith,
abusing them in the process.
The apparently ‘stoned’ hoodlums reportedly became
angry and attacked him and in the process, stabbed
him with knives and bottles after dispossessing him of
his phones and money.
One of Alfa Rahmon’s friends narrated how the ugly
incident happened:
“Alfa was very popular around here and we all loved
him. He had nothing to do with cultism. In fact, he
served as the Muezzin (Islamic faithful who calls for
prayers), and also woke people up with songs every
morning for the Sahur, preparatory to the fasting.
On Thursday night, he said he was going for prayer.
When he got to Kaka Junction, the cult members
stopped him and told him to buy hemp for them.
He refused and said he was on his way to the mosque
for a prayer. He showed them his Quran as a proof.
Then the cultists said if he knew what was good for
him, he would buy the hemp because they were Eiye
members (cultists).
He replied them and said, ‘The Eiye (birds) I know, do
not live with humans, they stay in the forest’. They
became angry that he had the boldness to reply them.
They then collected his phones and stabbed him.”
A community leader, Demola Olota, said four of the six
cult members that perpetrated the crime had been
arrested by the police.


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