What does Boko Haram really want?

Many have wrongly assumed, and still continue to
assume, that Boko Haram is about Islam but this is
obviously not the case.


Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram has succeeded in
making itself the talk of the town, and even the world,
but five years after it began major attacks, it is still not
clear what the sect really wants.
Many have wrongly assumed, and still continue to
assume, that Boko Haram is about Islam but this is
obviously not the case.
Most of the terrorist sect’s attacks are carried out in
the North-East of Nigeria, an area which is largely
populated by Muslims.
Boko Haram’s lack of regard for Islam can be seen
through the fact that the sect also attacks mosques
and prayer processions.
During the 2015 Ramadan fast, a period in which even
the most decadent of Muslims embrace sobriety, Boko
Haram claimed hundreds of lives in attacks specifically
targeted at Islamic institutions.
The only thing Islamic about Boko Haram, is its name,
that’s where the connection stops.
In 2011, when the sect’s attacks escalated and became
more sophisticated, I assumed that it had been hijacked
by enemies of then President Goodluck Jonathan to
make the country ungovernable for him.
Until 2010, Boko Haram was largely a group of
miscreants who seemed to truly believe that “Western
education is forbidden” as the sect’s name implies.
The only mention of the group before that time was of
young idle men armed with machetes and knives and
doing no real damage. Fast-forward a few years and we
have a mighty battalion armed with suicide bombers,
AK47s and armoured tanks.
My theory was that somebody wanted to make a
statement and didn’t want to create a new group
because that would be too obvious.
Instead, they decided to take a stray cat and make it a
genetically modified lion. They decided to take Boko
Haram and make it the terrorist monstrosity that it has
become today.
My theory at the time was that powerful Northerners
were behind the hijacking because Jonathan had
hijacked the Presidency despite the fact that it had
been zoned to the North.
The fact that the attacks were concentrated in the
North seemed to buttress my theory because it made
Jonathan seem like he was uninterested in that part of
the country which is one of the major reasons why he
lost his re-election bid.
However, my theory has been shot to dust because
Boko Haram has once again intensified its attacks
despite the fact that Nigeria’s new President,
Muhammadu Buhari is a northerner.
So the question now is? What does Boko Haram really
ISIS, with which the Nigerian group has aligned itself,
has made its mission very clear; ISIS wants territory,
which is why it’s taking over communities, ISIS wants
wealth, which is why it’s commandeering oil wells, ISIS
believes in Islamic supremacy, which is why it mostly
kills Christians, infidels and certain groups of Muslims.
Boko Haram has barely moved beyond Borno, Adamawa
and Yobe States and appears to only be using Chad,
Niger and Cameroon as hideouts and escape routes.
Boko Haram doesn’t seem to want territory because
it’s not moving very far, it doesn’t seem to want wealth
because it hasn’t gone anywhere near Nigeria’s oil
wells or its major cities, it obviously doesn’t believe in
Islam because it’s annihilating mostly Muslims.
So what does Boko Haram really want?
A monster that craves meat can be satisfied but a
monster with no desires or demands is a scary monster


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