8 Simple Ways to Choose between Two Guys


If you are in love with two guys , you may have
lots of fun at first. However it often makes a
girl feel stressed, diffident and even puzzled.
Making a correct choice is difficult, especially if
you feel great with both of them. Pay attention
to the fact that you probably don`t know a lot
about these men so how to find out who`s the
one that`ll make you happy? Even though you
find both of them handsome, smart and
interesting, you have to choose only one of
them. Here are some hints on how to choose
between two guys .
1. Image having a family with each guy
Your imagination is a tool that can help you
make this decision. Try to imagine that you
already have your own family with these men,
you have children and you need to share
responsibilities. Thinking long-term is useful in
this case. When you dream about having these
two families, try to catch whom you feel more
confident with in your imagination? Who you
think will be a lovely husband and a better
father for your future children?
2. Ask for advice
If you can`t make a right decision on your own,
ask your best friends for advice. Friends actually
exist to help us in difficult times. But you don`t
need to ask whom they`d like to be with if they
were you, they should tell you what man is best
for you personally. Your friend`s opinion may be
extremely useful for you because you`re blinded
by love and your friend can see something you
can miss.
3. Consider how you feel with each of them
Both of guys may have a huge number of
positive traits but it`s not enough for making a
final decision. Consider how you feel with each
of them. Do they make you feel silly by laughing
at your state of mind? Do they make you feel
like it`s time for self-development by inspiring
and encouraging you? Do they make you feel
beautiful or point out all of your flaws and
4. Find out what they feel about you
While it`s necessary to analyze your own
feelings towards them, you`d better find out
what they feel about you as well. Pay closer
attention to how each of them treats you. How
much time are they ready to spend with you? Do
they often make you wait for their call? Do they
make you feel stressed or happy?
5. Think about their best traits
Before choosing between two guys you like, try
to think about their best traits. Remember what
is so good in both of them, what you like most
in these men. Do they make you feel beautiful?
Do they keep in touch with you easily? Are they
able to create a shining smile on your face every
time you meet each other? Do they inspire you
to life a successful life?
6. Think about their bad traits
When we are in love, we don’t notice all the bad
traits our partners have. When you have to
choose between two guys , consider what bad
characteristics each of them has. Are they
greedy, intolerant or light-headed? Do they treat
you like one of their toys? Are they problematic,
pessimistic or naive? Are you sure you need any
of them in your life?
7. Compare their characters
Now that you’ve already compared their best
and worst traits, it’s time to compare their
characters to make a final choice. Remember
that no one is perfect and we all have some
flaws. However, there are many things that we
can change about ourselves. If one of your guys
has a terrible character and doesn’t even plan to
change it, say goodbye to him.
8. Take enough time
This is a highly important decision in your life
because love isn`t a trifle. Choices like this
require careful thinking thus you shouldn`t rush.
It`s not a purchase that you can return or just
forget about if the choice is incorrect. However
don’t put this question aside either. Think about
their feelings, they most likely want you to give
the answer as soon as possible so don`t make
them wait for months.
Loving two guys is really divisible but
fortunately you already know what to do to
make a correct decision. Try to be tolerant with
the one who`ll get your refuse and do your best
to have a truly happy relationship with the lucky
guy. Are you ready to choose between two men?
Is it okay to be in love with two guys ?


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