4 Reasons Why You Should Resurrect the Gentleman in You


Remember the days when men would open the car
doors for their lady? Pulling chairs out, holding building
doors open, showing up to her job with flowers, leaving
love notes and just being a genuine gentleman used to
be normal. It was also a standard that most women
required. Today, we don’t see that happening as much.
Women open car doors for themselves now, pull their
own chairs out and ironically (and shamefully) I see
more women holding doors open for men than I do vice
versa. I definitely think that every woman deserves a
gentleman, to say the least. Every man reading this,
including myself, has probably been a gentleman at one
point in his life — but something happened. We got
comfortable. Allowing ourselves to get comfortable,
caused the gentleman in us to die. But the amazing
woman in each of our lives is more than worthy to
have the gentleman in us resurrected. Here’s 4 reasons
1. It makes her feel special.
When you treat your woman as a true gentleman
would, she feels like a queen – and that’s precisely
how she should feel on a daily basis. Think about it like
this: when you go to a general restaurant, say, Denny’s
or Applebee’s, the service you receive probably isn’t
terrible — but it doesn’t make you feel special. But if
you go to a fine dining restaurant, the experience is
totally different. The servers wait on you hand and foot.
They ensure that your drink glass is always full and
they consistently make sure that all of your needs are
being handled. Furthermore, the ambiance is amazing
and the whole experience is something you won’t soon
forget. That’s how your wife should feel on a regular
basis; like she’s being treated as if she’s at a fine
dining restaurant — not Denny’s.
2. She deserves it .
As I’ve already mentioned throughout this post, she
simply deserves to be treated like a gentleman would
treat her. She’s a lady and that’s how ladies are
supposed to be treated. When you think about how
amazing, beautiful and inspiring she is — you won’t
have a hard time realizing why the gentleman in you
needs to be resurrected.
3. It increases the value she see ’ s in
When you treat her like a gentleman, she looks at you
in a positive light. She’ll be more drawn to you and
appreciate you like never before. She’ll feel like she’s
the most blessed woman in the world because she has
a man like you. That’s exactly how you want her to
perceive you! What man wouldn’t?
4. It shows gives your children a
positive model .
Those of us who have children, probably know and
realize that our kids watch us. Being a gentleman to
your wife, will show your son(s) how he needs to treat
his future wife. It will also show your daughter(s) what
type of man to attract and accept in her life. Being a
gentleman isn’t only vital to your marriage, but it’s
vital to the future of your children’s marriage as well.
Give your wife what she deserves and show your
children how a real man is supposed to conduct
himself. Begin to open those doors for her again, pull
those chairs out, bring her flowers and make her feel
special. Resurrect the gentleman in you today.


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